Vintage windbreakers

Vintage windbreaker - the perfect garment for the transition

The vintage windbreaker is probably the most functional piece of clothing in April , in Hamburg and especially in April in Hamburg . Equip yourself with an anorak or windbreaker from our collection and be prepared for the month that does what it wants.

What is the difference between an anorak and a vintage windbreaker?

The answer - the vintage windbreaker is the anorak's thinner brother. In this sense, the parka could also be called the more voluminous brother. Windbreaker is the English, Germanized word for anorak. Today, younger generations use the word even more often than the now somewhat outdated word anorak or anorak jacket. The anorak is usually lined and therefore better suited for winter or lower temperatures. The vintage windbreaker is normally not lined and is therefore suitable for summer days or somewhat warmer autumn or spring days.

What is a windbreaker?

As noted above, a vintage windbreaker is a thin jacket whose primary focus is to protect the wearer from wind and light precipitation. Windbreakers are available with different types of closures. A windbreaker can usually be closed with a zipper or with buttons. Another feature is that the traditional vintage windbreaker often has a hood. Due to its thinness, it is often used as a transition jacket or hiking jacket. In addition, it is also used by many cyclists - often in combination with rain-repellent trousers. It is important to mention that a windbreaker does not have to be rainproof! So if you want to arrive dry when it rains, you better go with a rain jacket.

What is an anorak?

An anorak is a thick, hooded jacket (but not a winter jacket ) designed to protect against heavy rainfall and freezing temperatures. Another word for anorak is slip-on jacket. The anorak only has an opening for the head on the front. The word anorak means “something against the wind” in the Inuit language. The first pioneers of the anorak have been around for about 100 years. At that time, anoraks and anorak jackets were still made from sealskin. Nowadays, mostly industrially manufactured textiles are used. Most of these are breathable and synthetic. The anoraks are so good at keeping you warm, because heat-storing filling materials such as holofil fibers or artificial down are usually used in production.

Zeitgeist - windbreaker women & windbreaker men

Since 2020, Zeitgeist Vintage has had various brands of windbreakers and anoraks in its range. The most popular and also the best represented brands are Nike Windbreaker and Adidas Windbreaker . In between, you can also find a knee-length anorak in our range. From time to time we also stock other brands of anorak jackets or windbreakers. In addition to windbreakers and anoraks, we also have other types of jackets in our range, such as between-seasons jackets , college jackets , leather jackets and denim jackets . No matter what type of jacket you are looking for, you will most likely find the jacket that suits your needs with us.

Windbreaker & Anorak - What's the best way to combine them?

For several years it has been an emerging trend to use the vintage windbreaker as a weatherproof hoodie . In times when the weather seems a bit summery, but it still rains more frequently , the windbreaker is the perfect choice of clothing. Usually, the anorak and the vintage windbreaker are combined with jeans or vintage jeans. But even more bizarre combinations are seen in public nowadays. The most common combinations are: the combination of anorak & windbreaker with jogging pants, dungarees , corduroy pants , cloth pants, shorts .

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