Vintage college jackets

College jacket - vintage and American in one

The origin of the college jacket or letterman jacket lies on the campus of Harvard University . There, from 1865, the best players on the baseball team were awarded an "H" on their jersey. This athletic performance, rated “very good”, qualifies for a varsity letter, a kind of honorary certificate from the university. Originally, the college jacket can be identified as a baseball jacket in men's sports at the time .

The downside back then; the jacket had to be returned if performance deteriorated. This created an incredible prestige for this garment , which was quickly adopted by many colleges.

Which vintage college jackets are selling particularly well with us today - in the Zeitgeist Shop? Of course, those that are based on the prestige of the original jacket. This means that a college jacket with all the patches, e.g. from the book club , the football club or the theater class, is particularly popular per se - and rare, because who likes to donate the jacket they have worked for for so long.

In general, we can confirm that the vintage college jacket is one of our bestsellers. This is mainly because we offer authentic leather jackets as well as puffed nylon jackets (similar to bomber jackets). Today, thin polyester lookalikes are often sold that have nothing in common with actual vintage college jackets aka baseball jacket flair.

College jackets - a must for today's men

College jackets are particularly popular with men . she are cut short and have - especially in contrast to the long sleeves - a cropped cut. The cut is wide and blouson-like.

The basic colors of men's vintage college jackets are usually bold and bright, but vary depending on the school's corporate identity. The white counter pattern, colored logos and lots of club patches create a strong contrast.

Vintage college jackets for women and men are available in synthetic fabrics for the transitional seasons of spring and autumn, or in thick leather for the cold season.

College jackets or letterman jackets are available today in a wide variety of shapes and colors. The most well-known are

  • College jackets with leather and hood or without
  • College jackets made of synthetic fabrics
  • College jackets from sports clubs or brand manufacturers

Back to the future - the vintage vibe of college jackets

The vintage college jacket always represents a piece of club or sports history. With it, fans and players connect the highs and lows of a season and can even capture these memories by making patches and sewing them onto the jacket.

College jackets have a high emotional value for men who collect, as they represent their favorite player, the league game and other defining moments.

With their special appearance, these jackets are also very popular in the streetwear scene, especially if you can use the item of clothing to express your sympathy for players or clubs.

Depending on the season - always the right version of your college jacket

Because of the different seasons, it is also important to keep different college jackets in your closet.

Vintage college jackets for men for cold days

Padding, but above all the thick leather makes the college jackets suitable for winter. We tested the weather resistance of the college jacket ourselves and have to say, apart from the pouring rain, this classic can withstand everything!

Vintage college jackets for men in the warmer days

When it gets warmer, it makes sense to hang up the leather college jacket. For this we have alternatives, often made of nylon or other synthetic fabrics. Have you got a taste for it or just want to browse around a bit? Just have a look at our streetwear styles or click directly to the vintage college jackets.