vintage pants

Vintage trousers for every style

Pants are a central part of a classic outfit . Women and men usually choose their pants to match their clothing style . But a pair of trousers must not only look good but also have the desired function.

So how do I find the right pants?

Nowadays there is a huge range of trousers for all genders . Of course, this made it difficult to get an overview, but also ensured that everyone can find the perfect pants for their needs. Of course, these trousers do not always have to be new: we have second-hand trousers for all occasions! The special thing about second-hand pants is the beneficial environmental balance : if you buy a pair of jeans as second-hand pants, you save up to 11,000 liters of water for the production, for example! Of course, you not only save water by buying jeans , but with all second-hand trousers from numerous categories.

Sweatpants: the winners of 2021?

But if we had to pick one pair of pants this year, it would probably be sweatpants . Between working from home and short trips to go shopping, sweatpants were our constant companions and celebrated their comeback in 2020. Karl Lagerfeld declared the pants dead in his famous quote: "Whoever wears sweatpants has lost control of his life". However, this did not stop the tsar of the fashion world from later including jogging pants in his collections. On cold days, such second-hand pants are paired with a cozy sweater an unbeatable outfit . But we also understand that sweatpants are not right for everyone and especially not for every look. An alternative to the comfortable everyday companions of the Corona period are therefore chino pants.

Chino pants: the perfect compromise between comfort and style?

In our opinion, chinos are the perfect all-rounders among second-hand pants . Chinos require little when planning the next outfit, but when required, they also become the centerpiece of any look . Vintage chino pants from earlier years are usually made of thicker and higher quality fabric than their contemporary counterparts. We encounter them in numerous variants and functions:

  • Business Chino Pants: Suitable for office or even weddings
  • Basic chino pants: Complement any outfit without attracting attention
  • Classic Chino Pants: High quality solid color pants
  • Checkered modern chinos: for example, chino pants with a vintage look

Whether with casual sneakers or with business shoes - with a pair of chinos you are always perfectly dressed. By the way: Chino trousers are usually more comfortable than classic jeans, despite their slim-fitting cut, and are therefore also an
ideal leisure companion !