Vintage sweater

Vintage sweater - the right companion for cold days

Like so many vintage clothes that we take for granted today, the vintage sweater, which is now almost serious, has gained general recognition in society at large. One of the reasons for this is that the second-hand sweater is a real all-rounder . Nowadays, the vintage sweater is combined with casual denim jackets or jogging pants , but also with casual blazers or jeans . In the 19th century , today's vintage pullover was used as warming sportswear . As a result, the garment was stigmatized with physical activity. Much like how dungarees were associated with work prior to the introduction of the vintage Levi's 501 .

A little history of today's vintage sweater

The reputation of the sweater gradually changed in the 1930s. As is so often the case when it comes to fashion, women took the first step, and two-piece twin sets gradually made pullover variants socially acceptable. In the 1950s, men followed suit , and monochrome turtleneck sweaters became modern to match the simple style of existentialism. So a good half century before Steve Jobs and Issey Miyake were to shape the style again.

As a result, twin sets and turtleneck sweaters remained outsiders for a long time . The vintage sweater and other chunky knitwear were still not considered en vogue. That changed with the peace movement in the 1970s. Young academics came out of the universities and, by wearing knitwear made from natural materials, changed the style of fashion that had previously prevailed in academic circles. Knitting patterns like the popular Norwegian are slowly breaking away from this cliché.

Today belong vintage Sweaters are among the favorites in the wardrobe for women and men. A sweater is cozy, warms and transforms every outfit into a perfect look. Whether Norwegian or turtleneck sweater, with your vintage sweater you have a piece of clothing that you can wear all year round . That's because today's vintage sweater is produced in a variety of cuts, patterns, colors, and lengths. Due to the great variety of facets of Vintage sweaters are the embroidered add-on to your wardrobe.

Combine vintage sweaters with confidence

In order to put your new-old vintage sweater in the right light, the overall picture counts:

  • At work - the second hand sweater is often worn simply. You can show off your vintage sweater with a strong accent color or you can choose a simpler color for an unobtrusive Scandinavian look. The favorite sweater colors are grey , black and blue .
  • Back to the 80s - The vibe of the 80s and thus also iconic trousers, such as flared trousers, corduroy trousers and dungarees are coming back. Pants from the 80s together with a plain top and an oversized vintage sweater make a stylish outfit.
  • V-neck sweater - A second-hand sweater with a V-neck draws attention to the chest and neck . Combined with a long-sleeved shirt or a blouse, the combination becomes a noble eye-catcher. By the way: With a second-hand turtleneck sweater you achieve the opposite and direct the focus to your face.
  • Norwegian sweater - Classic patterns like the Norwegian sweater or the Oxford diamond are always in fashion . White and blue horizontal stripes also ensure a look like in the navy. The most popular patterns are goose and duck motifs. As you can see, the combination possibilities with a vintage sweater are endless.
  • Grandma Sweater - Grandma and Grandpa sweaters or the classic cardigan are also cleverly used and are real eye-catchers. Sometimes there are also such rarities from sports brands such as Adidas , Nike or Tommy Hilfiger. Combined correctly, the Grandma sweater will always provide a wow effect.

Every fashion connoisseur will say the same thing - everyone needs a vintage sweater in their wardrobe because it can be worn in any situation . Second hand sweaters are often worn in muted colors. The reason for this is that they can shine in simple outfits with their structure or with accent colors as a highlight for that certain something. Much is uncertain, but one thing is certain: a vintage sweater suits every mood . Even in combination with a blazer, skirt and chinos, sweaters are real eye-catchers.

The vintage sweater offers endless possibilities

Vintage sweaters are already a beautiful piece of clothing in their basic version. If you then also master the styling of the accessories , you create from a vintage sweater even more looks. Eye-catching scarves, shiny belts , chains and rings - the versatility of second-hand sweaters allows for everything. There is also the second-hand sweater in a wide variety of colors and can actually be combined with any type of shoe.

The second hand sweater has dozens of variants

The vintage sweater comes in the following variants:

  1. Wool sweater - the cozy accompaniment for cold months
  2. Sweater - or simply vintage sweater & vintage hoodie
  3. Fleece pullover – wonderfully light and yet warm
  4. Cashmere sweater - sublime and cozy
  1. wool sweater

Classic knit sweaters are made of wool. At our school, only German teachers wore something like that. Today, the coarsely and finely woven wool sweaters have arrived in the masses and that's a good thing! It is important to point out that wool is of animal origin and is therefore different from cotton. Wool is often obtained from Merino or Angora sheep. Wool sweaters are very popular with us, especially in the autumn and winter months. If you should decide on a vintage sweater in our vintage shop, we will be happy to send it to you as soon as possible. Shipped with DHL Green , it's not even harmful to the environment. If, contrary to our expectations, you are not satisfied with your order, you can of course send it back to us free of charge.

  1. sweatshirt

Hardly anything represents vintage as much as a beautiful 80s or 90s hoodie. At Zeitgeist you will find a large selection of vintage hoodies from well-known brands such as Gildan, Champion , Reebook and many more. We also have a wide range of vintage sweatshirts . Second hand sweaters are made of cotton or cotton-plastic blends and therefore do not use animal resources . It becomes causal with sweatshirts. Your new vintage sweater can be perfectly complemented with new second- hand pants or a vintage jacket , feel free to take a look at these pieces as well.

  1. fleece sweater

A particularly fine fabric is cashmere. Nowadays there are many vintage sweaters that are made of cashmere. Here it is particularly important to pay attention to the susceptibility of the cashmere. Because such a vintage sweater with cashmere combines heat-regulating properties , but also requires a lot of care. Cashmere or cashmere does not come from sheep, but from goats. Cashmere is therefore also of animal origin. If you want to combine the advantages of cuddly soft cashmere sweaters with a certain robustness , we recommend a cotton-cashmere blend. We favor a mixing ratio of 5 to 10 percent cashmere.

  1. cashmere sweater

We have already summarized in a separate article why you should best buy fleeces second-hand. Long story short: The way fleeces are produced is incredibly water-intensive . At the same time, there is hardly a piece of clothing that is as functional, because fleeces are made of plastic and are therefore light and quick-drying, which makes them great outdoor companions and they are also suitable for sports. This subcategory of vintage sweaters is also available in our store. Please also have a look at our selection of vintage fleece jackets .