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Yesterday's Pieces for a Better Tomorrow

The destruction of our planet and social inequality are a thing of the past. So that the fashion industry also recognizes this and finally rethinks it, we have to set a good example. With Zeitgeist Vintage we want to set an example for sustainable entrepreneurship. Our vision is a responsible fashion world where we can buy clothes without a guilty conscience. That's why we work according to social and environmentally conscious principles and disclose them transparently.

Vintage & second hand clothing

Our actions are based on a simple assumption: clothes don't have to be bought new to be fun. With second-hand and vintage fashion, we make a sustainable contribution together, because: Every piece of clothing that we offer does not have to be produced anew. In this way we save valuable resources in production and break the vicious cycle of the fast fashion industry.


2700 liters of water fill about 20 bathtubs. This unimaginable amount of water is used in the production of a cotton T-shirt. With a pair of jeans it is even 10,000 liters. Most of the water consumed is used to grow cotton and dye clothes.


A new cotton T-shirt causes about 3kg of CO2 in production. With clothing made of synthetic fibers, this value can even be greatly exceeded. Significant amounts of Co2 are also generated during transport from the country of manufacture.


Overall, more than three percent of private environmental impacts in Germany are caused by clothing. In 2015 alone, the fashion industry used 79 billion cubic meters of water - enough to fill 32 million swimming pools. This number is expected to increase by 50% by 2030. With second-hand fashion, we can counteract this process and, last but not least, set an example for a cleaner future.

Zeitgeist fundraiser

With our fundraiser, we want to support projects that contribute to positive change in our world.

You can choose an organization for every order you place with us , to which we donate 1€. Together as a team, we have selected four organizations that are particularly close to our hearts. When you place your order, you can decide which project you would like to support personally.

The organizations

Drip by drip

The Drip by Drip organization is pulling in the same direction as us: It is trying to change the fashion industry in the long term. The focus is on water. Water is consumed and polluted in large quantities by industry at the same time. On the one hand, Drip by Drip works to get the fashion industry to change this, but it also helps those directly affected: With one euro, we help provide water filters for the locally affected population of Bangladesh.

Visit Drip by Drip Org.

The Hamburg wild bee project

Wild bees are an essential part of our ecosystem. Without them, many types of fruit and vegetables will disappear. Because most of our plant foods need to be pollinated. The German Wildlife Foundation runs wild bee projects in Hamburg, Munich and Berlin, primarily to enable bees to survive in urban areas. One euro already helps to buy suitable seeds or supports the installation of nesting aids.

Visit the German Wildlife Foundation

School forests against climate change

"You only love what you know and you only protect what you love." Under this motto, the Stiftung Zukunft Wald team has been planting not just countless trees for many years, but entire new forests. In cooperation with schools in Lower Saxony, over 60 school forests have been planted in recent years. On the one hand, this binds plenty of CO2 and, on the other hand, raises the environmental awareness of the growing generation - active nature conservation for a sustainable future.

Visit the Forest Future Foundation


For us at Zeitgeist, humanity is part of European values ​​and identity. Today, more than ever, this also applies to Europe's external borders. Hardly any other organization stands up for these values ​​as much as Aktion Seebrücke. We can only agree with the motto of the Seebrücke campaign: "Away from deportation and isolation and towards freedom of movement for all people." With one euro we support the rescue of people in the Mediterranean.

Visit the pier

Packing & Shipping

Shipping as many goods as possible in the most economical and environmentally friendly way is our top shipping priority. Our packaging is particularly important because it has to be recycled and, above all, recyclable.

100% recycled mailers

Our envelopes are made from 100% recycled paper and are therefore FSC-certified (FSC® -C105659). By using paper bags instead of boxes, we save valuable material and volume when shipping. We also refrain from printing the bags in favor of recyclability.

DHL GoGreen

All our orders are shipped with DHL GoGreen. DHL's GoGreen program keeps transport-related CO2 emissions as low as possible and, if necessary, offsets them. All our orders are shipped completely climate-neutral.