fleece jackets

Vintage fleece jackets - cosily warm and wonderfully light

It's a cold day but you don't want to put on that heavy winter jacket? Then the vintage fleece jacket is the perfect fit for you . The fleece fabric, also non-woven fabric, is characterized by the special feature that the fabric is formed by binding plush handles, which are then cut open and roughened.

In contrast to many fabrics, the result is not a woven fabric but a knitted fabric . This has many advantages for us as carriers:

  1. Fleece knitwear has a high level of thermal insulation , especially in relation to the low weight of the knitted fleece jacket.
  2. Compared to other lightweight fabrics, it is tear-resistant and durable .
  3. Due to the structure of the surface, fleece jackets do not need to be ironed .
  4. Because they are made of synthetic material, fleece jackets are quick-drying and water-repellent .

It should be noted that the vintage fleece jackets do not protect against strong wind and rain. However, one aspect of the knitted fleece jacket that concerns us with our focus on sustainability is the emission of microplastics.

Microplastics are released from the fleece jackets when they are washed, not only at home but above all during production) and pollutes oceans, lakes, rivers and beaches in the water cycle. We therefore believe that fleece jackets should be bought second hand in order to work with the fleece that we have already produced. If you really want a new fleece jacket, you should make sure that the plastic is recycled to a high degree. There are numerous manufacturers such as Patagonia who produce fleeces from PET bottles.

How did vintage fleece jackets come about in the 1970s?

Just as interesting as the fleeces is the historical background of fleece jackets. The maximum age of a fleece jacket can be precisely dated to 1979 . At that time, the company Walden Mills Industries Inc. in the USA presented the velor fabric (mostly made of polyester) for the first time. The company sold these first fleece jackets as well as the knitted fleece jacket under the name Polartec .

Among the vintage fleece jackets, we particularly like the teddy fleece jacket. This is characterized by a particularly roughened structure of the surface, which creates a bear look . The teddy fleece jacket is therefore still our hot styling tip in the cold season!