​​Vintage Reebok - The brand with the antelope in its name

The name Reebok, meaning gray rhebok, comes from a South African dictionary won by young Joe Foster and refers to a species of antelope.

In 1900, the young Joe Foster founded the JWFoster company, opening a small factory called Olympic Works and gradually becoming famous among athletes for his running shoes . They became famous through the 100 m Olympic champion Harold Abrahams at the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris.

As a renowned British brand, Reebok occupies a high place in the clothing market. In the past (90's), Reebok experienced a golden age, joining the emerging subcultures of the 90's. In doing so, they left the realm of functional sportswear brands.

We can safely say that we have a unique inventory of vintage Reebok clothing and some of the most creative and original pieces the brand has released to choose from.

The Reebok style for your everyday life

Everyday clothing is a must for every wardrobe. The Reebok collection with simple, trendy retro and lifestyle clothing ensures a relaxed atmosphere in everyday life. From cozy hoodies to printed t-shirts and hoodies, joggers and tracksuits to shorts, leggings, sweatpants and more, everyday clothing from Reebok represents style and ease.

Comfortable materials, well thought-out constructions and trendy designs come together in Reebok casual wear for men and women. Here you will find lifestyle clothing with prints and monochromatic motifs, a wide range of sizes and a variety of fabrics and weights.

Whether you're lounging, on the go, heading to class or whatever, Reebok everyday wear is equal parts comfortable, casual and sophisticated so you can look your best effortlessly. Just throw on some lifestyle clothes and you're ready for the day. No wardrobe is complete without stylish casual wear.

Reebok Sportswear - Everyone is Winner!

If you want to do cardio, strength training or other fitness activities, you need workout clothes you can rely on. Reebok activewear is designed to work every workout. From t-shirts and tanks to pants and shorts, jackets, sweatshirts and much more - the high-performance sportswear from Reebok is equipped with technologies that make you feel comfortable during every workout. Reebok workout clothing minimizes distractions , wicks sweat and naturally looks good. Whether you love kickboxing, yoga, running, boxing, weightlifting or any other sport, Reebok has athletic apparel that works just as hard as you do .

The relationship of Reebok and Adidas

After an intellectual property lawsuit in August 2005, Adidas acquired Reebok

as a subsidiary , bringing together two of the largest sports equipment suppliers, while continuing to operate under their own brand names. Adidas acquired all of Reebok's outstanding shares, completing the $3.8 billion deal.

After the takeover, Adidas replaced Reebok as the official outfitter of the NBA in 2006 and signed an 11-year deal.

After 16 years, Adidas is selling its US brand Reebok to Authentic Brands Group

(ABG) after the German sportswear manufacturer had been trying to revive Reebok's performance for more than a decade.

What are the key pieces of Reebok?

Reebok Sweats - We know there's almost nothing better when it comes to vintage clothing than a vintage Reebok sweatshirt with the hoodless option. Therefore we are always looking to bring these parts to the shop for you.

Reebok T-Shirts - you wear it all the time, whether under the sweatshirt or on its own, the t-shirt is always with you. Preferably in the style of Vintage Reebok.

Reebok Joggers - Joggers with embroidered logos have become rare. Most of them are no longer about cotton but polyester with logo prints.

Reebok jackets - who doesn't want to look like the coach on the sidelines? All other looks are also possible with vintage jackets , if Reebok is one of your favorite brands, then grab one.