Sustainable sportswear

Sustainable sportswear - good for the environment, good for fitness

We recently added sustainable sportswear to our inventory . Sportswear from Zeitgeist is sustainable because we only sell second-hand & vintage clothing, which saves a lot of water and other resources. Currently our collection consists of the following subcategories: Jerseys , Sport Tops , Training Jackets and Joggers .

We have the perfect mix - sustainable but also affordable sportswear

If you want to buy sportswear online these days and want to protect both the environment and your wallet, you face a problem . Either you buy cheap sportswear from well-known fast fashion giants and harm the environment (if you want to know more about the topic, you can read our What is Slow Fashion blog entry), or you spend mountains of money on sustainable sportswear to acquire.

We offer you a solution to this dilemma. When you buy second hand sportswear from us, you don't burden our beloved planet again and you also don't spend too much money on sustainable sportswear. If the current prices are still too high, you can wait until our sportswear is even cheaper in the sale.

What sustainable sportswear do we offer?

Sport Tops - The perfect piece of clothing for sporty women.

Sports tops are not only known for their good support , but also for their adaptability. Nowadays most sports tops from brands like Nike or adidas are also very comfortable and stylish. Whether you're running, playing volleyball or doing yoga - a sports top is always a good companion. Some also wear the sports top confidently in their free time because it can come across as both elegant and sexy .

Sustainable jerseys from your favorite club

Our sustainable sportswear category also includes jerseys. For over 30 months now, vintage jerseys from a wide variety of sports and clubs have been accumulating in our warehouse . It doesn't matter whether it's a big football club from Germany or a small rugby club from Ireland - our range consists of the most unusual jerseys you can imagine.

Training jackets - Perfect for the transition

Who does not know it? You train outside in spring or autumn, take a short break and only with a t-shirt is it a bit fresh. To keep warm and to avoid catching a cold, it is perfect to put on a training jacket in these moments.

These keep the body at operating temperature and, depending on the type, they also protect against the weather . Our collection of sportswear that is sustainable includes training jackets that are both stylish and comfortable , and on top of that they are relatively inexpensive.

We have jackets from Nike, addias, The North Face , Fila , Reebok and many more. Nowadays, many training jackets are also worn in leisure time. This is because the design of the training jackets is often very carefully designed.

Comfortably through life with our jogging pants

Whether it's on the couch or strolling through the park, wearing sweatpants just relaxes the vibe. Nowadays you can wear jogging pants not only on the couch, but also on the street. Best combined with a hoodie or sweatshirt and stylishly there is not much you can do wrong.

Sweatpants can also be combined well with training jackets. You can also wear them with a basic t-shirt or a college jacket . The possible combinations are actually endless. Probably the best tactic is to simply click through our store.

Zeitgeist & sustainable sportswear

We have a variety of benefits when you shop with us. Free shipping from 35 euros. Free returns. Climate neutral shipping. A friendly and reliable support. We hope you find what you are looking for with us. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.