Vintage Knitwear

Vintage knitwear – knitwear that inspires

In our vintage knitwear category you will find a potpourri of knitwear from the past decades . It's not the cut that matters, it's... that it's a knit.

From sweater vests to ugly Christmas sweatshirts , you will find knitwear here for every occasion and taste. The colors and designs vary, so finding the knitwear that fits your style is even more fun.

Knitwear for every occasion

In the vintage knitwear category you will find knitwear that you can wear for many different occasions. You can even wear classics like the knit slipover to family brunch, university and church if you want.

Knitwear has always been a classic wardrobe staple . Depending on how they are styled, the knitwear can underline a more conservative look, as in the example above, but there are other ways.

The slipover can also be worn oversized or as a dress , which has only recently shown how a supposedly conservative piece of clothing can simply be casual instead of preppy.

The same applies to many other knitwear items. The V-neck pullover can look like boarding school and business administration over a shirt or oversized for a casual skate look.

Knitwear for every style

As you have already seen, knitwear can fit into any look depending on how you style it. One orientation is the fit of the pieces. Baggy or oversized always looks a bit more casual than appropriate . The same applies to Cropped.

Matching things look a little more put together and are therefore more suitable for formal occasions or if your style is more elegant than casual, of course also for your everyday look.

As you can see, style and occasion are also very closely related to knitwear. Sometimes an occasion calls for a style that's not quite in your comfort zone. But this is also an opportunity to try it out . Who knows, maybe a sweater vest or other knitwear suits you very well.