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Over 10,000 satisfied customers

Average rating: 4.8/5

Manuel from Cologne

I can only recommend.

"Ordering from Zeitgeist was great because not only did the order arrive in a few days, but there was also a very large selection of products, which I think have a very good price-performance ratio. I also like the intention to pollute to avoid by buying things that have already been used. I can only recommend it."

Lea from Hamburg

Great customer service, fast shipping and great clothes.

"Great customer service, fast shipping, and great clothes. The billing option made it easy for me to try things on and send them back."

Zwei Frauen mit Skateboard und Rollerskatern stehen unter einem blauen Himmel

Hannah from Frankfurt

It's great that your shop exists.

"Thank you to the whole team. I'm super satisfied, the goods are excellent. I also find the information about the current status of the order and the very good packaging of the goods very good. It's great that your shop exists."

Victor it aus Berlin

ultra fast and the team incredibly nice!

"it's hard not to look every day to see what's new, the things are way too cool! the order was super fast and the team was incredibly nice! 100%!!!"

Blonde Frau im Café

Oskar from Lübeck

Zeitgeist is really doing a great job!

"Very great shop, good concept and many beautiful vintage treasures at great prices, I'm thrilled and will definitely browse Zeitgeist more often in the future instead of buying newly produced mass-produced goods. I think it's particularly good that I can get more information about each product via get the exact dimensions, material and condition. Zeitgeist is really doing a great job - thank you very much!"

Dirk from Hamburg

absolutely friendly and competent!

"Bought a fleece shirt in a lumberjack look and I'm thrilled with the quality and the price. The shipping was super fast and the communication in the chat was also very friendly and competent!"

Mann mit Brille und Cowboyhut in der Mitte einer Straße
Shopbewertung - zeitgeistvintage.com

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Support a young start-up

For almost 2 years, our young team in Hamburg has been trying to change the fashion industry bit by bit. With every purchase you make a contribution.

About Us

Yesterday's Clothes for a Better Tomorrow

Our actions are based on a simple assumption: clothes don't have to be bought new to be fun. With second-hand and vintage fashion, we make a sustainable contribution together, because: every piece of clothing that we offer does not have to be produced anew. In this way we save valuable resources in production and break the vicious cycle of the fast fashion industry.

Zeitgeist - this is how you buy vintage clothing today!

Our team from Zeitgeist takes second hand & vintage clothing to the next level. We give the dusty image of vintage clothing a new coat of paint. And you can see it. Our vintage online shop offers our customers a harmonious shopping atmosphere within which they can purchase vintage clothing with a clear conscience.

"Why should I buy second hand or vintage clothes?" - we still hear this question far too often today. Apparently, many people still associate clothes that have already been worn with obsolete goods and a time-consuming search process, whether digital or analogue.

Both assumptions are prejudices, because: We now have over 20,000 items of clothing from more than 3000 different brands , which we ourselves have checked for any flaws and prepared if necessary.

Our conclusion is: New does not mean better and worn does not mean worn out or worn out . On the contrary - a large part of our vintage clothing is not only in excellent condition, but among them there are also often genuine one-offs. Whether it's vintage hoodies, vintage sweaters, vintage jackets - from vintage brands like Nike and adidas or luxury clothing by Burberry and Yves Saint Laurent - items that have already been worn can still look excellent.

Vintage is not only as good as new, but in some ways much better: There are many good reasons to stock a large part of your wardrobe with vintage clothing.

3 good reasons for second-hand & vintage
1. Second hand & vintage clothing is environmentally friendly

First and foremost is the sustainability of vintage clothing. Every new piece of clothing produced consumes valuable resources on our planet and also generates various waste products during production.

Whoever buys and wears what has already been produced effectively protects our earthfrom wasting resources and thus makes a clear statement against the throwaway society. Sustainable consumption in the fashion world includes buying second-hand and vintage clothing as forms of sustainable fashion.

Together we can steer the fashion world in a better direction.

by buying sustainable fashion

2. Thousands of unique pieces for each style

Another special feature of vintage clothing is its uniqueness. As previously mentioned, the majority of the clothing found in our shop is only available once. So if you buy a piece, nobody else can buy it at least in this way.

This makes vintage clothing very special, individual treasures, that you can discover with us. So every piece is a one-off that no one can buy again and that will definitely not be produced again. So whenever you want to stand out from the crowd with your own style, second hand & vintage clothing is the best way to stand out.

3. Vintage clothing - quality that lasts

Another plus point in favor of vintage clothing is that older items of clothing in particular are higher in quality.

We see this again and again, especially with vintage hoodies and vintage sweatshirts on, which today increasingly consist of a mixed fabric composed of cotton and polyester. With vintage sweaters from the 90s in particular, on the other hand, we repeatedly notice that they not only consist of 100% cotton, but also often contain the attribute "Heavy Cotton" . As the name suggests, heavy cotton means that the fabric is very dense and "heavy", which makes it particularly resistant and durable .

The inferior materials used in the manufacturing processes today are contrasted with the high-quality materials used in the past. And that makes a big difference. Proof of this is the long time that the vintage pieces have survived.

Buying vintage clothing online can be so easy!

As passionate second hand & vintage fans we know enough second hand & vintage shops as well as various flea markets. In the past, we ourselves have spent hours slogging through mountains of clothes and miles of hanging rails to find the one perfect vintage t-shirt, the perfect vintage Lightweight jacket or vintage cardigan that stands out from all the others. Finding that one top, jacket or pair of trousers that not only suits us, but also fits us, is of course what triggers the greatest feelings of happiness in us.

As you can imagine or perhaps have already experienced yourself, this is of course not that easy - even with second hand & vintage shops you are bound to opening times and flea markets are only available for a limited time and the Of course, there is always a great danger of overlooking something or forgetting where you saw something!

Why is buying vintage clothing online so much fun with us? Very easily:

  • - Our vintage shop is available anytime and anywhere where there is internet
  • - Choose from over 20,000 vintage hoodies, vintage pants, vintage jackets and more
  • Every week new vintage clothing is added
  • - Don't miss or miss anything - detailed photography and careful categorization of all garments
  • - Regular Sales (preferably subscribe to the newsletter directly so you don't miss anything)
  • - All pieces in our vintage shop are prepared before going online
  • - Defects are transparent indicatedon the summary page of each garment
  • - Exact specification of the clothing measurements on the overview page
  • - Our sizing logic determines a size recommendation and also indicates how each garment fits
  • - Free Shipping
  • - 30 days free returns
  • - Chat function directly on the website to answer any questions that arise