Vintage jewelry

Vintage jewelry - treasures from the past

Vintage jewelry is not just old jewelry. Jewelry experts are very strict about calling jewelry vintage. For them, vintage rings , necklaces , bracelets are only vintage if they were produced in the 1950s to early 80s .

We're a little looser and used the word vintage as a synonym for " more than 20 years old". Of course, we can't find the exact production date on all the vintage jewelry we deal with on a daily basis.

We rely largely on the expertise of our suppliers and on our own experience. In addition, it must also be said that we also “do not” offer second hand & vintage jewelry in our online shop, but we communicate this transparently.

Which categories are covered by the term vintage jewelry?

We currently have vintage rings, necklaces and bracelets in our range. There are also vintage watches and earrings, which we will also offer in our shop in the future.

Vintage Rings - Personalize your fingers

Vintage rings have been a rising trend for years. Especially the younger generations decorate their hands with treasures from days gone by. The most popular are vintage rings in gold, silver or batik look. We recently joined forces with a new supplier and are now trying to offer new vintage rings in our online shop at regular intervals.

Vintage Necklaces - Refine your appearance

Just like vintage rings, vintage necklaces have also been on the rise lately. Demand is growing and so is supply. Many shops, whether online or offline, have specialized in selling vintage necklaces in recent years. We at Zeitgeist are currently focusing even more on vintage clothing and have planned to deal more and more with vintage jewelry in the future.

Vintage bracelets - an accessory for everyone

Vintage bangles have not yet benefited from the vintage hype, but their time will come. Due to their versatility and their good wearing comfort, they are the accessory that everyone could use to pimp their style a bit.

Why should you buy vintage jewelry?

There are a variety of good reasons why you should wear second hand or vintage jewelry instead of "regular" jewelry. We have summarized the three most important reasons for us to buy vintage jewelry here:

  1. Better for the environment

First of all, not buying new jewelry leads to a reduced environmental impact. Just like with second-hand and vintage clothing (vintage hoodies , shirts , jeans , etc.), water is also saved when buying vintage jewelry. Everything we have to re-manufacture leaves an ecological footprint. So anything we reuse is a boon for the environment.

  1. Popular in the fashion world

Furthermore, vintage jewelry enjoys an exquisite reputation in the fashion world. Most fashion experts appreciate wearing jewelry from days gone by. Paired well, wearing vintage jewelry enhances any outfit. It symbolizes that you are also interested in details and little things.

  1. More attractively priced

The last reason is the price. Newly manufactured jewelry is usually associated with a slightly more expensive buying experience than the vintage alternative. Of course there are exceptions - some collectibles increase in value over time . But since we are active in the mass market, this point concerns us little or not at all.

Zeitgeist & Vintage Jewellery

Everything small with vintage pants , jackets and sweats is two years later a company with a wide variety of clothing categories . We are slowly approaching the jewelry category, which brings with it slightly different complications.

At first we weren't able to photograph the accessories correctly. In order to present you with good photos of our jewelry, we have organized a light tent . This is where the detailed photos of our vintage rings, necklaces, hair clips and bracelets are created.

A lot of talk - just try it out and order your vintage jewelery from Zeitgeist today. If you don't like it, you can send it back to us easily and free of charge.