vintage hoodies

Vintage hoodies are the perfect all-rounder

You probably don't know anyone who doesn't own a vintage hoodie. Vintage hoodies definitely belong in every wardrobe because they are real all-rounders . Whether doing sports or on the sofa, the hooded sweater is the best choice and also offers many other advantages.

Why the vintage hoodie is the best piece of clothing!

The vintage hoodie impresses with a casual, relaxed look , high wearing comfort and super practical functions. At high temperatures it is always a relaxed piece of clothing as a visible top and underlines your individual look with prints and embroidery.

In winter you can wear it comfortably under your jacket and thanks to the hood you even have warm ears. When it comes to comfort, the material is also crucial, vintage hoodies made of 100% cotton are of course cozy and very comfortable to wear.

If you're a bit more active, a mixed fabric with a certain amount of polyester can be just the thing. This fabric is more elastic and therefore offers you more flexibility.

Why a hoodie is the most practical piece

Vintage hoodies or second hand hoodies are not only comfortable and versatile, but also offer a whole range of functions. The hood protects your head from the cold in wind and weather.

Wearing a hoodie underneath transforms any light jacket in a transitional jacket . Many hoodies also have pockets on the front or sides, and pockets are always practical!

Actually, you don't need to wear anything other than a hoodie. When you come back from jogging, you take off your sports hoodie and change into the extra soft one to make yourself comfortable on the sofa.

How best to wear a vintage hoodie

You can actually wear a second-hand hoodie with everything. However, the oversized look is particularly popular at the moment. This style is particularly comfortable and is best combined with flared or regular-fit pants. However, this is not a must!

Ariana Grande, for example, likes to combine hoodies with leggings. Add a pair of sneakers and you have the perfect streetwear outfit .

Nike Sweater - The Hoodie

Nike sweaters are super popular in our shop and Nike hoodies are again at the forefront. As a sports outfitter, Nike knows exactly how to produce comfortable and functional clothing.

That's why there are countless hoodies with prints and sticks from popular clubs and colleges from all over the world. But adidas fans will also find what they are looking for in our hoodie category.

All the benefits of vintage hoodies

If you're still not convinced why hoodies are the best piece of clothing in the world, here's why:

  • The vintage hoodie is the perfect all-rounder
  • Flexibility through hood, pockets
  • Hoodies are equally suitable for sports and watching Netflix.
  • If you value comfort , you should choose cotton as the main material - for maximum functionality you should opt for polyester.