Yesterday's Pieces for a Better Tomorrow.

We love fashion and we love our planet.

Protecting our planet and the fast pace of fashion contradict each other. We at Zeitgeist want to eliminate the compromise between beautiful fashion and a sustainable lifestyle. Our way there: second hand and vintage clothing. Sustainable fashion instead of fast fashion. This is what we work for and this is what we believe to be the zeitgeist of our generation.

Zeitgeist - the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era

We are doers, creative people, developers, digital natives and fashion maniacs. We are a young team and an even younger company. We are from Hamburg. We believe that the best results come from fun, care and motivation are created. We believe in a sustainable economy and social entrepreneurship.

Eine Gruppe von jungen Erwachsen steht vor einem blauen Tor und trägt Vintage Kleidung
Eine Gruppe von jungen Erwachsen steht vor einem schwarzen Hintergrund

& Second Hand

Our actions are based on a simple assumption: clothes don't have to be bought new to be fun. With second-hand and vintage fashion, we make a sustainable contribution together, because: every piece of clothing that we offer does not have to be produced anew. In this way we save valuable resources in production and break the vicious cycle of the fast fashion industry.