Basic Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Basic Hoodies & Sweatshirt - A duo for all occasions

If there's one unspoken rule in the world of fashion that almost everyone respects, it's to include at least a basic hoodie and sweatshirt in your fashion arsenal. The comfort fits and the possible combinations are endless. It doesn't matter whether it's a Wednesday or a Sunday, you're in good shape with these two vintage items of clothing .

What is the difference between a basic hoodie and a basic sweatshirt?

For some, hoodies, better known as hoodies, are the same as sweatshirts. In fact, the difference is obvious. In contrast to the basic hoodie , the basic sweatshirt has no hood. There is no other relevant difference. Sometimes the sweatshirt is also incorrectly titled as a sweater, but that's another story.

What to combine with Basic Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Especially in autumn and spring, many wear either a basic hoodie or a basic sweatshirt, depending on their preference. Combining these garments is relatively easy. As a rule of thumb, basic likes basic. This means that if you wear a basic hoodie or sweatshirt, the rest of the outfit should also be relatively basic. You drive safely with it and don't commit a stylish mortal sin. In detail, our style suggestions are as follows:

Hip and trendy

Basic clothing can be combined with a denim jacket in a cool way. This is probably the absolute favorite combination of the Germans at the moment. Worn with black jeans you create a classic, but also explosive look.

For a bit of toughness

It gets a little wilder when you combine a basic hoodie or sweatshirt with a leather jacket . Most of the time you come across as a bit tougher and more self-confident. Add a casual Levis Vintage and the day is yours.

Protected from the cold but still stylish

You appear privileged with the combination of basic sweats and a coat . Especially on colder days, this outfit promises inner warmth without sacrificing the style factor .


The perfect baggy look is created by combining basic hoodies & sweatshirts with basic jogging pants . Perfect for a lazy day on the couch after a busy week.

In the fight against wind and weather

The best way to protect yourself against the weather is to combine basic sweats with a windbreaker or a transitional jacket. Whether it's autumn or spring, this outfit lets you reach your goals in a good mood.

Zeitgeist and Basic Hoodies & Sweatshirts

We now have a well stocked Basic Hoodies & Sweatshirt collection in our Online Vintage Store. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. That's why we try to make shopping as easy and pleasant as possible for you. The basic clothes arrive climate-neutral and if you don't like them, you can send them back to us free of charge.