Zeitgeist basics

Zeitgeist Basics - Recycled clothing from the Netherlands

Recently we also have completely recycled clothing in our inventory. Through a contact in the Netherlands we are now able to produce basic clothing ourselves. We've always wanted to do something about recycling clothes and now we've found a way. In addition to second hand & vintage clothing, we now also have recycled clothing in our online shop.

Are you looking for vintage clothing that you can pull out of the closet without thinking too much and look nice with all your other vintage pieces? Then you are right here. Basic clothing, which is also recycled clothing, can be worn with everyone and is not only easy on the wallet, but also on the environment.

Basic Tops - Recycled clothing for summer

Let's start with the base layer for autumn and winter and the only layer of fabric for summer: the basic tops. Like all other products in our basic clothing collection, these are 100% recycled.

It's summer, are you constantly warm? Then it's high time for short sleeves or, much better, no sleeves at all. You don't have to reach for scissors, you can shop for your new summer pieces from the comfort of your own home!

In winter you are around every layer of fabric that insulates you and protects you from the winter, which is just as cold in Berlin as it is in Hamburg and the rest of Germany. This means that the summer basic tops are also a good asset for your winter gear .

A classic among basic clothing - the basic t-shirts

We figured if we're going to recycle clothes - then we're going to do it right. That's why we decided on the basic clothing that is produced the most in order to relieve this branch of the fast fashion industry as much as possible. Nowadays, thousands of new t-shirts are produced every day, which is a huge burden on the environment. That's why you're doing something good for the environment when you buy recycled clothing from Zeitgeist. And don't worry about the quality, we promise the basic t-shirts offer at least the same quality as regular basic t-shirts.

For whom are Basic T-Shirts the right ones?

For those of you with sunburn on your shoulders , basic t-shirts come to the rescue. They protect you from the sun and keep you cool in bright colors. Even in autumn and winter, indoor t-shirts are a piece that you can wear anywhere .

You can combine the basic t-shirts either under a sweatshirt or hoodie, alternatively you can also wear the basic shirts in a 2000s look over a sweatshirt. The larger versions of our basic clothing are particularly suitable for this.

Basic sweatshirts - Recycled clothing for winter

Anyone who thinks that recycled clothing is only for summer is wrong. Our basic clothing consists of a robust and thick fabric and is therefore perfectly suited for low temperatures.

It's getting colder, the sleeves are getting longer. Your most faithful companion for summer nights at the lake, the way to the bakery in the morning and the coming autumn and winter are the basic sweatshirts . The best for last, basic clothing, which of course also includes the basic sweatshirt, can be combined with everything.

Basic clothing, how do you combine it?

Basics go with everything . This makes the basic sweatshirts suitable as an insulating layer for all outfits. This is especially useful if you need something to cover up with, just in case . The basic sweatshirts are easy to take with you.

Basic sweatshirts are a must-have for your casual street style . The simple pieces create a very clean look. Monochrome looks are also available for the basic pieces. Black pants, black basic T-shirt, black basic sweatshirt or hoodie and you already have a monochrome basic look.

Basic hoodies - the No. 1 among basic clothing

No garment is more essential than a basic hoodie . We all have that one basic hoodie that we can always wear and feel comfortable no matter what. If you don't have one yet, this might be your sign to look for one!

Because now you have the opportunity to kill 2 birds with one stone. You can now get a high-quality, environmentally friendly hoodie from us that does not exceed your budget in terms of price. As the icing on the cake, the thing is also 100% recycled. Nowhere else will you get recycled clothing of this quality for such a price.

Basic hoodies are also suitable for hoodies. Just like the other basic pieces, they simply go with all your other favorite pieces.

Basic Joggers - Recycled clothing to take home

If you want it really comfortable or just casual, you've come to the right place with the basic jogging pants ! These can be perfectly integrated into your monochrome look. So good that it doesn't just look good in sports or, but in all your other daily tasks.