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The most popular vintage winter jacket - the parka/anorak

There are winter jackets in a wide variety of shapes and types , be it a parka or a down jacket, if you are looking for the right winter jacket, you have an enormous selection these days. But the starting point of the history of winter jackets goes back thousands of years.

Given the arctic climate, the Inuit were experts at making insulating clothing. They made the first waterproof parkas out of whale or seal entrails. Two parkas were often worn at the same time to improve insulation and air circulation in sub-zero temperatures. Similar to today's parkas, the Inuit parkas had hoods with drawstrings.

Vintage winter jacket with down - puffer jacket

During the cold winter months, the warm and cozy down jacket is a classic and very popular piece of clothing that returns every year because, in addition to its stylish appearance, it also serves a practical purpose.

But where does this gem come from?

In 1935, while on a fishing trip with a friend in Seattle in 1935, hiker Eddie Bauer, owner of a sporting and hunting supplies store in Seattle, collapsed from exhaustion and nearly died of hypothermia.

After this incident, Bauer realized that there was no sufficiently light, warm and waterproof jacket on the market that could adequately protect the body from harsh temperatures and bad weather. After a few discussions with suppliers of goose down, the time had come and voila: in 1936 the first down jacket, the Skyliner, was born.

What kind of winter jacket do I need? - Three types of winter jackets

A puffer or down jacket is made of down material (insulated with duck or goose feathers) or a down alternative (insulated with synthetic materials). Alternative down jackets are cheaper than real down coats, but the real down jacket is also heavier. In general, down is the lightest and most compressible insulation on the market.

Although it is very warm, down is not suitable for humid conditions. When wet, the feathers clump together and lose much of their insulating properties. When buying, pay attention to the fill power of the down; the higher the fill power, the warmer the coat. A fill power of 550 to 750 is fairly warm and anything between 750 and 900 goes beyond that.

Vintage parka - when it gets really cold

A parka, also known as an anorak, is usually waterproof and has a hood. Many parkas are also lined with faux fur to increase insulation. Casual city winter jackets play with different styles and silhouettes and include comfort features such as large fur-trimmed hoods and lined handwarmer pockets.

If they have technical features, these are often hidden by fashion embellishments as they are not used for intense activities. The most important feature for casual winter coats for the city is the excellent thermal performance. Brands like Canada Goose or The North Face are designed to withstand extreme conditions without compromising on style.

Armed for every adventure with the functional jacket

A functional jacket is ideal for adventurers who like to be outdoors in winter. Often made from fleece and synthetic materials for warmth, and nylon for durability, these jackets are perfect for runners, hikers and skiers active in the colder months.

Brands like Columbia and Nautica make jackets that are not only suitable for cold weather, but also for various activities such as skiing, ice climbing and mountaineering.

Second hand and vintage jackets - if they're retro, they're really!

The styles of the 80s and 90s are currently celebrating their comeback in the fashion world. But why buy new jackets with old cuts when you can also have an authentic one? With us you will find a large selection of second-hand and vintage jackets from different decades. With the jackets you not only complement your wardrobe, you also do something good for the environment at the same time.

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