Vintage Sweaters

Cozy vintage sweaters for every season

Zeitgeist has one of the largest selections of vintage sweaters in Germany. Every day we work on improving our shop in terms of quality and quantity in order to offer our customers the perfect shopping experience.

Vintage sweaters are an absolute hit with us, but what do we actually mean by warm everyday companions ? We dedicated ourselves to our favorite piece of clothing. Learn more about the benefits of the vintage sweater in the next sections.

Vintage sweaters are not just vintage sweaters

Even if it is often misunderstood in the vernacular, a vintage sweater is not always a vintage sweater. But that is also completely understandable given the huge selection of different items of clothing that are so titled.

For some, sweater, sweatshirt, hoodie, cardigan, sweat jacket are all the same thing, but fashion connoisseurs turn in their graves at these generalizations. Where are the differences? We have dedicated ourselves to this question for you in order to simplify the understanding of the term.

Vintage hoodies vs vintage sweatshirts

Vintage sweater fashion does not only consist of the classic sweatshirt. Rather, these hoodless sweatshirts are part of sweater fashion. That brings us to the first basic distinction - the hood. While some like to dig into their hoodie, for others the hood is an annoying appendage that presses under the jacket at most. For the hood lovers among you, we warmly recommend sweater hoodies and for all those who like it a little more airy on the head, our classic vintage sweatshirts .

Quick in and out - vintage sweaters also include jackets

But wait - there's more! However, for those who cannot decide whether to wear warm or cool, the sweat jacket is the better choice. Simply because the zipper offers more flexibility than vintage hoodies or vintage sweatshirts.

In addition to the full zips (the zip can be opened completely) , the half zips are particularly popular with us. The neck region of this piece can be adjusted as desired. are you warm? open it It's windy? close it We have a large selection of vintage sweat jackets in the shop.

Vintage sweaters also have something for the cozy season

An absolute highlight is the large selection of vintage sweaters at Zeitgeist. Whether Norwegian or Oxford , whether wool, cashmere or cotton , whether tight turtleneck or casual round neck - you will definitely find what you are looking for with us!

By the way, pullover is simply an invention of the word “pull” and “over”. But because you cover every piece of clothing, this distinction is not sufficient for us. Ultimately, in the vintage sweater category, the weave of the fabric and the ability to store heat distinguish the sweater from the sweatshirt. Rule of thumb: If it's knitted and super cuddly, it's a sweater . If it 's finely woven (also known as jersey) and warm, it will be a sweat jacket, hoodie or sweatshirt .

Vintage Sweater - Retro Chic for the fashion conscious

Cardigans and pullovers also have similar characteristics. They're mostly chunky knitted or woven , creating that extra Mom & Dad style that can only be surpassed with a pair of casual trainers. If you want to feel like you're at grandma's in front of the oven, then this is perfect with one of our second-hand cardigans to throw on .

The hit of the season - fleece jackets are also part of vintage sweater fashion

We have another highlight in the vintage sweater fashion segment for you - the fleece jacket ! This great garment is in high demand this fall/winter season. As a fashion recommendation, we would like to recommend the classic Norwegian pattern , but plain fleeces with and without a logo are also very popular at the moment.

Sweaters are the feel-good update for your wardrobe!

It doesn't matter whether you choose our vintage sweaters for nostalgic, fashionable or qualitative reasons. It's worth it, I promise!