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Vintage shirts - the all-rounder for everyone

Are there days when we can do without a vintage shirt? Probably not. Whether vintage t-shirt, t-shirt or long sleeve . Shirts are probably the only piece of clothing that is always with us and therefore has to be as versatile as possible. This article is about our favorite everyday companion.

A vintage t-shirt is defined by its simplicity. Something that provides relaxed upper body coverage and feels good whether worn alone or under a sweatshirt . Whether oversized and loose fitting, or tight and tucked into the pants .

Are there actually differences? Yes, there are, but they are based on nuances. Round neck or V-neck, but with long sleeves - we have listed this selection of shirts for you below.

Wear old tees? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! The vintage tee

Vintage fashion is defined by an age of 20 years . The idea that a T-shirt has been worn for 20 years or more is not so nice at first. But no worry! We sort out worn out shirts.

So why t-shirts? The Jimi Hendrix example pretty much sums it up. These pieces are sometimes the last chance to be close to your idol and thus the chance for real rarities with collector's value.

In addition, "Made in West Germany", "Made in USA" and "Made in Canada" are actually real indicators of high-quality vintage shirts . One looks in vain for this material density and thickness today. Today only a few manufacturers like Carhartt or Patagonia use these qualities.

Furthermore, many color techniques that used to be done by hand are no longer as stylish today with predominantly machine production. A perfectly dyed batik t-shirt , that's the typical hippie pattern, is just boring. At Zeitgeist, we pay attention to authentic T-shirts that reflect the zeitgeist of the time. Phew, was that pun too big?

The most chic of vintage shirts - the vintage polo shirt

It's only recently that we've been thinking about when we first felt really chic. For me it was at my parents friend's wedding and I was wearing a polo shirt . What is it about a collar that makes the polo look so much more ambitious than the vintage t-shirt?

We have decided to keep the elegant charm of the Polo and therefore do not ask any questions. It is clear that to this day we still reach for the vintage polo shirt when we want to dress in a relaxed and yet ambitious way.

Eastern block chic - the tank top

In contrast to the polo shirt, you can rarely appear in the office in a tank top . Nevertheless , it has a certain vibe to spend the Sunday in casual sweatpants and a tank top . Even on warm summer days, when we bring goods to the shop, we like to iron out vintage shirts in airy tank tops.

The tank top is also suitable for physical work, as it is extremely airy and comfortable to wear and still covers the upper body. Maybe we mistreated the tank top in the past, in fact it's just a tank top made out of a thinner fabric , isn't it?

Shirts with long sleeves - the long sleeve

Why should I put on a long-sleeved t-shirt now? Long sleeves impress with two properties; on the one hand they are a bit warmer than t-shirts because they also cover the arms.

On the other hand, they offer more space for prints and embroidery . With this long-sleeved shirt in the bleach look, you can make a clear statement about the bleaching spots. It's clear that we recommend long-sleeved shirts if you want to create an ambitious look with a simple piece.

Everything for sports - jerseys at Zeitgeist

Of course, the look of football jerseys is not just a matter of taste, it is also related to identification with a club. That's why there are jerseys that go down particularly well with some, but not at all with others. Nevertheless, there are some jerseys that you see on the streets again and again - and that are mainly worn for style reasons.

A good example of this are the jerseys from PSG, which received a lot of attention and are particularly popular thanks to the Michael Jordan Brand Jordan's . Of course you can also use the jerseys for your actual purpose apart from streetwear - the sport. After all, there's nothing better than kicking into the shirts of old idols . Among the vintage shirts, jerseys are also popular collector's items - historical adidas and Puma jerseys from the 80s are particularly popular with us.

Regardless of whether you decide on a t-shirt, tank top, polo or a cropped top , you will find the right vintage t-shirt with us!

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