Vintage Ralph Lauren

Vintage Ralph Lauren - where does the hit brand come from?

Ralph Lauren Corporation has been around since 1967 and started out selling men's ties. At the age of 28, Lauren was working for the tie manufacturer Beau Brummell. He persuaded the company president to let him start his own line. In 1968, in reference to his interest in sports , Lauren named his first full menswear line "Polo". In short, Polo Fashion was originally a Brooks Brothers company brand and was intended for a clothing line for polo players.

Ralph Lauren has been in the vintage space since the introduction of RRL in the '90s. The sub-brand's stores have designed clothing inspired by traditional workwear, the American West and British country style - hence there's plenty of waxed cotton and tweed - but also a handful of genuine vintage pieces from other brands and designers.

It was not until Ralph Lauren began to produce polo shirts and thus achieved greater awareness for the first time. If the American fashion company is known for one thing, it is for its famous brand logo, protection of which also reached Europe in 2004 when Ralph Lauren applied to the EUIPO to register the polo player's design as an EU trademark for a wide range of products, including clothing and shoes.

What distinguishes the Ralph Lauren style?

The American fashion designers from Ralph Lauren are world famous for their sporty but elegant designs. Our vintage selection from RalphLauren brings together many of the label's best looks. The brand has gifted us with many classic designs, from their Ralph Lauren bears to their polos to their rugby shirts. We can almost guarantee there are things you've never seen before, so browse hard.

A central theme of Ralph Lauren womenswear is mixing clothes into unexpected combinations . A cocktail dress with a vintage leather jacket ; a worn plaid shirt over a pinstripe suit.

This is what is sometimes referred to as high and low dressing . And while this is much easier to accomplish with the freedom of womenswear, it still has the potential to make both men and women look more spontaneous and personal.

The difference between Polo and Ralph Lauren

The difference between Polo and Ralph Lauren is the logo. Even if the logos look similar, they are not. Polo has two polo players on their horses , while Ralph Lauren has a polo player on his horse holding up his club. Polo is a trademark of the US Polo Association, while Ralph Lauren is a fashion company offering many clothing items and accessories. There are other technical differences between the two brands, ranging from when they were founded to how they do business.

What actually is a polo? VW Polo or what

The polo is a t-shirt manufactured by the US Polo Association. It is a subsidiary of the United States Polo Association and was founded in 1981. The T-shirt was introduced to promote and highlight the sport of polo .

It is an authentic American brand headquartered in Florida. The brand is well established and available in more than 135 countries around the world.

Polo isn't the only t-shirt they make, they also specialize in making clothing for women and children. Accessories for men and women are also made.

Although the brand was founded in 1981, the Polo Association company was founded in 1890. The USPA promoted the game of polo and so the brand was formed in the name of polo.

The Polo brand has nothing to do with Ralph Lauren , although many confuse them due to the similar logos.

What are Ralph Lauren's key pieces?

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