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Vintage Levis 501 - The most durable jeans model in the world

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  • The Vintage Levis 501 is over 140 years old
  • The Vintage Levis 501 is one, if not the most well-known jeans model on the world
  • The “501” in Levi's Vintage 501 stems from the fact that the Vintage Levis was the five hundred and first Levis branded product
  • “Waist Overalls” was their previous name
  • The breakthrough came with the Vintage Levis 501 because it was/is comfortable, robust, durable and chic at the same time
  • Movies like “ Der Wilde ” helped the Vintage Levis to world fame
  • The vintage jeans pants have that survived the constant changes in the fashion industry because they were always adapted to the spirit of the times .
  • The 501 was already called Symbol used by several factions
  • With the flourishing of vintage and second-hand , the demand for vintage Levis has increased in recent years.

The origin story of the vintage Levis 501

How the vintage Levis 501 came to be the most famous jean model in the world is a long-standing story. In the next paragraphs, the key dates of the creation of the Vintage Levis are arranged chronologically for you.

Vintage Levis - 140 years and still no end in sight

They have been around for over 140 years , and the vintage jeans trousers that are still trendy today are already in the wardrobes of millions of people. Ever since it first appeared in 1873 , the clientele can't get enough of the Levi's 501. Today, the 501 is one of the best-known vintage jeans models in the world and probably has the greatest cult status ever achieved in the jeans universe. How does the Levi's 501 remain so consistently popular in an industry that thrives on change? Quite simply, vintage denim pants are old, but they never go out of style .

Why are the vintage jeans trousers actually called Vintage Levis 501

It all started in 1873 with the patent for a new kind of work trousers, brought to life by Levis Strauss and Jacob Davis. At that time, the 501 was still called "waist overalls" and was the counterpart to the dungarees made of robust material, which had previously dominated the market without competition. 17 years later , the Levis brand decided to name their products after their production number. Waist Overalls was the 501st (written out: five hundred and first) product and that's how today's vintage jeans got their name.

Breakthrough of a classic - the Vintage Levis 501

The breakthrough came with the 501 at the end of the nineteenth century . As the first jeans, they were not only extremely robust and durable , but also chic and comfortable on top. Initially, today's vintage Levis were only known in America, but because American soldiers wore the 501 during World War II, their popularity increased in the years that followed.

Prominence through cinema appearances - Vintage Levis 501 on the big screen

Through various cinema appearances, such as in "Der Wilde" with Marlon Brando , the reputation of today's vintage Levis increased worldwide. Levis Strauss was initially completely overwhelmed by the intercontinental hype of the vintage Levis 501. But he reacted quickly and the production was adapted to the success. As a result, Levis became the internationally successful company that we know today.

Vintage Levis Survival by Adaptation

Over the years, today's vintage jeans have followed a number of trends. In 1922 it was enriched with belt loops, because at that time people switched from suspenders to belts . In the 1950s, the vintage Levis 501 with a raised waistband were produced , which can be called the forerunner of "mom jeans" . The button placket was replaced by the zipper in 1954. This modification of vintage jeans pants is known today as Vintage Levis Jeans 501z . To this day, vintage Levis have been modified dozens of times to reflect the spirit of the times.

Vintage Levis 501 symbol of freedom, love, success and more

The 501 has not only survived every trend, but has also become a symbol for a number of groups. In the 60s she was a symbol of the peace movement. 10 years later it was often used by homosexuals as a model for the public . Steve Jobs' preference for the 501 led to the 501 being associated with 1A quality and the highest level of finesse in the 80s. In the 90s it was a constant companion for most skaters and even in the last 22 years there have been groups that swear by the 501.

Vintage denim pants - 140 years old, but still growing in popularity

Levis are still releasing new models of the 501 today. Still others are enjoying renewed popularity because they are classified as vintage . The vintage markets have been thriving for a number of years and the Vintage Levis 501 is once again at the forefront. Since vintage and second-hand have become more and more popular, the demand for the vintage Levis 501 has also increased .

Vintage Levis 501 - An all-rounder at Zeitgeist

We also have vintage jeans trousers in different variants and colors in our range. The best thing about the 501 Levis Vintage is that style-wise anything is possible . As long as the old school vibe is respected, everything can be combined with Levi's vintage. Be it with an oversized cardigan , casual hoodie , simple T-shirt , colorful college jacket , worn-out Vans, cozy knit sweater or a shirt suitable for work. The Levis Vintage 501 is an all-rounder for every type of person and each of us should have at least one 501 in our wardrobe.

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