Hooded sweat jackets

Sweat jacket - A garment for the perfect transition

Who does not know it? It's too warm for a thick sweater and too cold to walk around in just a t-shirt . Especially in late spring and early autumn you are often confronted with this dilemma. The solution is a thin sweat jacket with a hood , or the somewhat new alternative, the sweat jacket without a hood. The big advantage of wearing a sweat jacket is that you can open it up as you like to adapt to the temperature of your surroundings.

Sweat jacket - The multifunctional tool

A sweat jacket is a knitted jacket that can be opened and closed using a zipper or buttons. The sweat jacket was created as an alternative to the well-known hoodie. In contrast to the hoodie, the sweat jacket has the advantage that you can wear it open. Thus, it can better adapt to its environment and temperature.

Few would rather wear a sweat jacket than a hoodie so as not to ruin their styled hair. In addition, the thickness of the sweat jacket corresponds more to that of a t-shirt than that of a hoodie. Unfortunately, using a zipper also comes with a downside. The fibers of the lining thread are often not as durable as in comparable garments. This causes the inside of the sweat jacket to harden and the fibers to break, which is also known as pilling.

The sweat jacket and the seasons

The sweat jacket is the convertible in the sweat fashion area. Anyone who loves maximum flexibility can wear airy outfits in summer and simply zip the same piece up for more warmth and cosiness when it gets colder. So with a second hand sweat jacket you have a hoodie and a very light jacket in one.

The sweat jacket in spring

We particularly appreciate this functionality of the second-hand sweat jacket in the transitional periods between summer and winter. When you go to the park on a gray day, you'll be happy about the warm hood and you can zip it up to the top. However, if you are out for a longer period and the warm sun is peeping through the clouds, the flexibility of hooded jackets is in great demand.

The sweat jacket in summer

In the warm days of the year, the sweat jacket can be worn relaxed over a T-shirt. You only need the hood when it's a bit windy on the beach and the warmer it gets, the more you simply open the zipper. This opens up great combination options with T-shirts in bright colors or with eye-catching prints. A rather simple sweatshirt jacket goes well with it. If it gets colder, the zipper can simply be closed accordingly.

The sweat jacket in winter

When the cold season begins, the sweat jacket from summer does not have to disappear in the closet, but fulfills its task as a cozy hoodie. Hooded sweatshirt jackets in particular will keep you nice and warm and rock a casual, sporty look. When you get into the warm subway, you simply zip open the jacket - so you're properly dressed in every situation.

What does the “sweat” in sweat jacket stand for?

The word "sweat" comes from the English and means "sweat" . It categorizes many well-known items of clothing such as sweatshirts and sweatpants. The upper category for these products is usually called sweats . The “sweat” is in all of these compound nouns because these garments have their origins in the sports world.

What is the difference between a sweat jacket and a sweatshirt?

The transition from sweat jacket to sweatshirt can not be defined by a layman. That's why, in everyday life, there is rarely a difference between a sweat jacket and a sweatshirt. But if you deal with the fashion world a lot, you can already see the difference from 5 meters. The most important feature of a sweat jacket is the zipper , which is also often called a zip today. This can be used to close or open the sweat jacket.

Sweat jacket with a hood and sweat jacket without a hood - which is better?

Whether you end up choosing a sweat jacket with a hood or a sweat jacket without a hood is a matter of taste. Both jackets have advantages, but also disadvantages. In the world of fashion, sweat jackets with a hood are currently more popular than those without. Why that is is a hard question to answer. But it begs the question - why hoodies are currently more popular than sweatshirts. It's probably because the hood on the garment offers a wide opportunity for the wearer. Here at Zeitgeist, it doesn't matter what type of sweat jacket you're looking for. In our Vintage & Secondhand Shop we have sweat jackets with a hood as well as sweat jackets without a hood.

It's all about the zip

Sweat jackets with full zips (zip along the entire length) are particularly popular. Troyer and half-zip jackets are also very popular and give you the feeling of wearing a sweater rather than a jacket . Nevertheless, you still have the flexibility to close the sweatshirt jacket when it gets cooler.

Adidas sweat jacket - A giant brand swims with the current

Sweat jacket adidas is currently a common search term fed to Google. Adidas noticed the up-and- coming trend of the sweat jacket and, according to the numbers, implemented it best. An adidas sweat jacket usually convinces with good quality and a 1A design. adidas sweat jackets are also the most common in our Zeitgeist shop. In addition, we also have Nike sweat jackets , Tommy Hilfiger sweat jackets, Champion sweat jackets and much more.

How to wear a sweat jacket in 2022?

There are different ways to put a sweat jacket in the right light. We have put together the most popular combination options for you here.

  • Skater look - sweat jacket with hood & casual simple t-shirt & a vintage levis
  • Causal look - sweat jacket without hood & shirt & jeans
  • Autumn look - sweat jacket closed & transition jacket & corduroy trousers
  • Summer look - sweat jacket with hood & t-shirt & shorts
  • Cozy look - oversized sweat jacket with hood & sweatpants & couch

Sweat jacket - again everything at a glance

Here are all the advantages at a glance:

  • If you love flexibility, you can't avoid a sweatshirt jacket
  • Closed and with a hood you have a hoodie when you want it to be cozy
  • Depending on how far you open the zipper, you can wear a sweat jacket as a troyer or as a light jacket on warmer days
  • Just like with hoodies, the material and cut determine whether you want a relaxed, oversized look or a sporty, functional piece