Deal of the week

Zeitgeist deal of the week – Extreme Vintage Sale

With the deal of the week from Zeitgeist Vintage, vintage shopping can hardly be cheaper. Our deal of the week features greatly reduced fashion such as sweats , hoodies , t-shirts and much more.

As the name suggests, our offers in the Deal of the Week category change every week. So, if you like a part, grab it quickly! Otherwise someone else might steal your deal of the week.

The prices are really extremely cheap, so you can shop for all sorts of vintage pieces here for just a few euros. There really have never been such good offers at Zeitgeist Vintage before.

Every week 10-15 new parts are uploaded, which are mixed up wildly. Products such as jeans , shirts , sweaters , jackets , accessories and much more await you in the deal of the week.

Men's tops and women's tops on sale - your zeitgeist steals

Zeitgeist Vintage now has a new sale category, the Zeitgeist Deal of the Week! Your category for cheap vintage shopping without sacrificing brand and style.

Here you can find, for example, women's tops on sale and men's tops on sale.

All our women's tops on sale are of good quality and very stylish pieces. Here you will find cool fashion at reasonable prices.

With our Zeitgeist deal of the week, everyone has the opportunity to buy vintage fashion at affordable prices. We have something for everyone to have a great shopping experience.

Why are we selling such greatly reduced fashion?

Clearly to give you something back! We want to make vintage fashion as affordable as possible for everyone. Giving people the chance to buy cool vintage pieces at low prices.

What we mean when we talk about heavily discounted fashion is really offering vintage products that are all 50% off. That means you get vintage pieces and also vintage branded pieces at half the previous price!

There will always be a new drop in the Deal of the Week category once a week, so you have the chance to buy new heavily discounted fashion every week! This makes buying greatly reduced fashion even more fun.