vintage coats

Wool coats or winter coats are the perfect opportunity to express your personal style or to make a fashion statement. However, it can be quite boring and tiring to wear the same old parka day in and day out. To keep your outfits fresh and stylish, it's important to add variety.

The selection of second hand coats is huge and it is therefore not easy to find the right coat .

Some of the most popular second hand coats are :

  • the trench coat
  • the classic wool coat
  • the camel coat
  • the parka

The chic one among second-hand coats

The trench coat is a coat variant made of waterproof, hard-wearing cotton gabardine, leather or poplin. It usually has a removable, insulated lining and raglan sleeves. The classic designs come in different lengths from just above the ankles to above the knee.

The trench coat is one of the most versatile and popular second hand coats . As a women's transitional jacket , this can be styled particularly well with a long-sleeved T-shirt or blouse. For particularly cold days, the trench coat can also be combined with a knit sweater. Changing your wardrobe from summer to autumn or winter to spring can be time-consuming, but with the trench coat you are well equipped for every situation!

Timeless classic: the wool coat

Simple isn't always bad: everyone should have a brown or black wool coat to complete any outfit. Second hand wool coats can be worn with jeans and sneakers without hesitation and create a relaxed but stylish impression. Also perfect over the outfits for the holidays. A classic black coat also lasts for years and never goes out of style. Here it is advisable to pay attention to quality. But since this often has its price, it is worth buying a second-hand wool coat .

Perfect for every business look

No closet is complete without a classic second hand coat .

The camel coat goes with everything - for work, for brunch at the weekend or just for shopping beforehand. Plus, the neutral color is easy to coordinate with a wide range of wardrobe choices. The second hand coat l looks super chic with almost everything. It's a great statement coat that's both stylish and minimalist. Thanks to the clear, subtle lines, the camel coat is a timeless piece of clothing that is an absolute must, especially for business looks .

The relaxed parka look

Parka second hand coats are usually loosely cut and usually end at knee height. This laid-back style is traditionally done in khaki tones, giving it a rugged edge. The style is perfect for casual, urban looks and goes well with black jeans and boots. As a winter coat, the parka is suitable with its Hood especially for colder weather. Parkas are ideal second-hand coats because they are particularly robust and last a long time.