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Zeitgeist - Old Navy/ Levis denim shirts men & women and other top brands

Unfortunately, second hand & vintage denim shirts are not very popular in Germany. We at Zeitgeist want to change that. We've recently added men's and women's Old Navy & Levis denim shirts to our ever-growing inventory . This is joined by other top denim shirt brands such as Denver Hayes and Banana Republic. Our selection is currently very limited, but our eager team works every day to expand the range. We firmly believe that second hand & vintage denim shirts will soon be inspired by the green wave and their sales will be boosted.

What goes with the denim shirt?

Style ideas for men's Levis denim shirts

Men can easily combine a classic Levis denim shirt with light-colored jeans . If the denim shirt is worn open, a plain black or white T-shirt goes well with the outfit. You can combine the Levis denim shirt with black trousers and a black coat in a more elegant way. In winter, denim shirts can be worn closed under winter jackets and combined with thick denim pants. In summer you can also combine a dark Levis denim shirt with light-colored shorts .

Style ideas for Levi's denim shirts for women

There are countless ways for women to combine a denim shirt. What always works is jeans with a denim shirt, add a few stylish accessories and you're done. They might as well wear black mid-length skirts with Levi's denim shirts. Matched with black shoes and a black hat , this results in a perfect early summer look. In autumn, women can stylishly wear Levis denim shirts with a leather jacket and trousers . It is important to coordinate the brown tone of the leather jacket with the blue tone of the denim jacket .

Denim shirt - A little insight into history

The denim shirt trend has been booming for a number of years. Garments made from denim have been around for quite some time. But it took a while for denim shirts from well-known brands like Levis to establish themselves on the market.

In the 90s , the denim shirt had its heyday . Everyone had one and those who didn't have one wanted a denim shirt. In recent years, the popularity of denim shirts has increased again, but nothing will surpass the hype of the time.

Today the garment is dubbed the hero of everyday life . Originally, Levi's denim shirts for men and women come from the world of work. At that time, the denim shirt conquered the market because, in contrast to its competitors, it was made of more robust material and was therefore more durable . The design hasn't changed much since then. Some slightly more daring deviations from the original can be found on the market, but the number is limited. This is exactly what characterizes the denim shirt. It impresses with its simple design , which allows countless possible combinations .

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