bobby pins

Hair accessories from bobby pins to scrunchies

At least since the scrunchie, hair accessories have been big again. You see the colorful hair clips everywhere, the big hair clips in all colors, sizes and designs ! They are competitive and often sell out.

We also deliver this vintage classic to your front door. In our online shop you will find hair clips & bobby pins that will take your hairstyle to the next level!

Hair clips & bobby pins

The most casual way to pin your hair back from your face is with bobby pins and bobby pins. Just wrap your hair around your finger, clip it up and you're done !

You can live it out individually as far as the different styles are concerned. Not only in terms of color, but also in terms of shape. Whether rather rounded or square with the hair clips, there is something for everyone.

You are also flexible with the size of the hair clips and hair clips. Because in addition to the small hair clips , there are also really large hair clips that hold thicker and longer hair in the air.

Scrunchies - The hair ties of the 90s

The scrunchies are the alternative to the hair clips ! They are also available in many styles. Not only the colors vary, but also the materials and patterns.

The hairstyles that you can create with scrunchies are diverse. From the classic half up half down to normal braids and buns, the world is your oyster with the scrunchies.

The scrunchie is also great as a bracelet. It should be the practical bracelet in your repertoire. Because what other bracelet can you use to tie up your heavy, warming hair in summer?

Hats and Caps - For warm and cold days

You can also decorate your head region with hats and caps . Of course, hairstyles that look out from under hat and cap are of course suitable. Hats and caps are particularly suitable for the colder seasons.

But hats are also great sun protection in summer, for example, so that you can keep a clear view or continue to enjoy the view . They are also not wrong for thermal protection. If your hats are made of light-colored materials, they will also keep you cold.