The Christmas Jumper - Christmas is just around the corner!

There it is again: Christmas time! Time to reflect , settle down and catch up with old friends and family back home. The Advent season at the end of the year is a phase in which we reflect on our roots and traditions. However, not only is the home spruced up, but the wardrobe is also expanded - with the right Christmas clothes. Of course, the classic Christmas sweater should not be missing here. Of course, anyone can buy it new - but for that absolute old-school feeling, it's better to go straight for the vintage Christmas jumper .

Trend Christmas sweater - but why?

It used to be more of a scratchy Christmas present from grandmother - of course knitted by myself , today it's a fashion statement staged with cliché motifs : the Christmas jumper!

Mostly in the style of a classic Norwegian and overloaded with Christmas motifs such as: Santa Claus, a reindeer, snowmen, Christmas tree decorations, snow globes or fir green.

While it was more of an unpleasant duty as a child when you were young to put on the sometimes uncomfortable wool sweater, today a Christmas sweater that is befitting your status is even suitable for the office ! Whether worn ironically or with full conviction - an eye-catching Christmas jumper draws attention to itself , even as a so-called ugly sweater , the Christmas jumper even makes one or the other person smile.

December - The only true time for the Christmas jumper!

At this point we would like to clear up any possible misunderstandings: all this really only applies at Christmas time, i.e. at most until the end of December - and basically only in December! If you come up with the idea of ​​showing yourself a Christmas jumper outside of this time, you will probably have to be prepared for skeptical looks and shaking of your head.

Christmas sweater fans should only exercise their passion for the most contemplative time of the year when it is appropriate. But then it always applies - more is more ! Even Christmas jumpers with bells attached have been spotted. The motto here is only to be seen, but also to be heard. How far you want to go is of course up to you.

Why Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater?

When December comes, you can't drink mulled wine without meeting someone wearing an ugly Christmas jumper. And your inbox is probably full of invitations to parties with ugly Christmas sweaters. But where does this trend actually come from? Why does everyone celebrate the ugly Christmas clothes?

Ugly Christmas sweater contests are the highlight of the season these days, with everyone trying to find the scariest piece of clothing . The sweaters themselves have gone from being almost casually kitschy in the eighties to deliberately outrageous today. Both clothing companies and major retailers have embraced this trend and offer the most shocking and fun designs. To give the whole thing an official framework, December 15th was declared "National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day".

The more people enter, the harder it will be to win the ugliest Christmas sweater prize. But no matter how the trend has changed, it's still about having as much fun as possible and keeping the party alive for generations to come.

Vintage Christmas fashion for everyone!

We have put together a collection of our vintage Christmas pullovers and Christmas sweaters so that nobody misses out here. These include not only classic knitted pullovers, but also casual cotton sweaters. If you are looking for something to wear underneath, you will certainly find what you are looking for in our Christmas turtleneck sweaters. A little tip: Christmas sweaters are also becoming increasingly popular as gifts - and if you want to be absolutely sure that you are giving a unique present , you should definitely opt for a vintage Christmas sweater. The likelihood that someone else will walk through the Christmas season with the same sweater is reduced Zero. If you are looking for a nice wool sweater that you can also wear outside of the Christmas season, you should definitely keep an eye out for a classic Norwegian.

We hope you enjoy browsing.