Sustainability and responsibility
The destruction of our planet and social inequality are of the past. In order for the fashion industry to recognize this and finally rethink, we must set a good example.
With Zeitgeist we want to stand as an example for sustainable entrepreneurship. Our vision is a responsible fashion world where we can buy clothes without a guilty conscience. Therefore we work according to social and environmental principles and disclose them transparently.
Zeitgeist Spendenaktion
Mit unserer Spendenaktion wollen wir lokale und überregionale Projekte unterstützen, die dazu beitragen, unserer Erde etwas Gutes zu tun. Und das Ganze funktioniert so: Für jede Bestellung, die Ihr bei uns aufgebt, dürft Ihr euch eine Organisation aussuchen, an die wir 1€ spenden. Zusammen als Team haben wir vier Organisationen ausgewählt, die das gleiche Ziel haben und uns besonders am Herzen liegen. Ihr selbst könnt bei Eurer Bestellung entscheiden, welches Projekt Ihr persönlich unterstützen möchtet. Hier erfahrt Ihr mehr zu den einzelnen Projekten.
Vintage & Second Hand Clothing
Our actions are based on a simple assumption: Clothing does not have to be bought new to be fun. With second-hand and vintage fashion we make a sustainable contribution because: Every piece of clothing we offer does not have to be newly produced. This way we save valuable resources in the production process and interrupt the vicious circle of the fast fashion industry.
116519 kWh
pieces rescued.
24200100 L
water saved.
26889 KG
CO 2 Emissions prevented.
Calculation & Sources

Our calculation is based on the basic assumption that the purchase of a vintage piece replaces the purchase of a conventionally produced garment. For all pieces we calculate with values of an average cotton shirt. Such a shirt consumes about 2700 liters of water during production and causes about 3kg Co2. By assuming to calculate all our Pieces as a cotton shirt, our values are very conservative (for comparison: a jeans uses about 8000L of water in production!) Also our savings in shipping are not yet included in this calculation! This way we want to make sure that we don't show you savings that are too high.
Sources for the calculation: WWF, Umweltdialog, WWF Studie, Fashion Revolution Hintergrundinformationen, Griffin Studie


2700 liters of water fill about 20 bathtubs. This unimaginable amount of water is consumed in the production of a cotton T-shirt. For jeans it is even 10,000 liters. Most of the used water is used for growing the cotton and dyeing the clothes.


A new cotton T-shirt causes about 3kg of Co2 during production. For clothing made of synthetic fibers this value can even be exceeded considerably. Also during transport from the country of production significant amounts of Co2 are produced.


Overall, clothing accounts for more than three percent of private environmental impacts in Germany. In 2015 alone, the fashion industry consumed 79 billion cubic meters of water - enough to fill 32 million swimming pools. This figure is expected to rise by 50% by 2030. Through second-hand fashion we can counteract this process and, not least, set an example for a cleaner future.
Sending as many goods as possible in the most economical and environmentally friendly way - that is our top priority in shipping. Our packaging is of particular importance in this respect. At the moment we cover all shipments with two types of packaging:

Recycled cartons

Our typical Zeitgeist shipping boxes are made of at least 90% recycled material. The boxes are weight reduced and biodegradable. An FSC certificate ensures the origin of the materials.

Compostable mailing bags

Our mailing bags are fully compostable. They are made of natural resin, a renewable raw material. Since the bags do not contain any plastics they are made of „OK Compost!“-certified.

One Tree Planted

More trees are planted for our shipping boxes than were used for their production. This is done in cooperation with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted. For years, it has been dedicated to the reforestation of areas around the world.
The crucial part of online shopping is of course the delivery to our customers. We are aware of the impact that our packages can have on the environment. That's why we only work with shipping companies that are just as aware of their responsibility.

DHL GoGreen

All our orders are shipped with DHL GoGreen. DHL's GoGreen Program keeps transport-related CO2 emissions as low as possible and compensates in case of doubt. Thus all our orders are shipped completely climate neutral.
For the future
For us, sustainability is not a stationary one-off project, but an ongoing process of constant reflection and development. Therefore, our processes and efforts are always reviewed by ourselves and adjusted if necessary.


At the end of our first fiscal year, we would like to record our status quo and define how we can map even more sustainable processes in the future. We will publish the report on this here in January 2021.


From 2021, we want to write a regular sustainability report and report transparently on our successes and failures. Also a certification as B-Corp is planned for the year and already in progress.

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