Work wear jackets

Sustainable and warm through the winter - workwear jacket by Zeitgeist

At Zeitgeist Vintage you will find the best workwear jacket that is not only ideal for winter, but also sustainable. You can find this workwear jacket in many different designs, brands and colors.

Some thicker and some a little thinner in fabric, so there's something for everyone. The workwear jacket is not only great for winter, but is also a good jacket for autumn.

It is best to combine your workwear jacket with casual jeans and a T-shirt . If you like it warm, the workwear jacket is also suitable over a thick hoodie or sweater .

The workwear jacket is available from many different brands, for example we have some from Gap , Walls and Carhartt. We also have a very large selection of colors, we have the workwear jacket in many shades of brown, black and many other colors.

I hope we were able to convince you and that you are now just as hyped as we are to rock our workwear jacket in winter and also in autumn! If so, then we hope you can find your matching old school jacket at Zeitgeist Vintage.

What an old-school jacket can do – Trendy through the cold days with Zeitgeist Vintage

Our workwear jacket, you could also call it an old school jacket, because it was worn a lot, especially in the 90s . The fashion trends of this world are repeated over and over again and so you are right at the forefront with an old-school jacket .

Especially nowadays, platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Co. are the pioneers when it comes to determining new fashion trends. Somebody must have dug out an old school jacket, worn it in their video and it went viral.

And with it the trend of combining an old-school jacket with every outfit. Zeitgeist Vintage is of course also part of the fashion trends and has the jacket in many different versions.

For example, there is our workwear jacket, which can really keep up with this trend. As you can see, it's worth getting a jacket like this, because let's be honest, an old-school jacket like this looks great even without a trend!

What is a good jacket for fall?

Our workwear jacket from Zeitgeist Vintage is great for winter, but also a good jacket for autumn. Here it is the combination that determines which season it is suitable for.

So you can not only wear a jacket for autumn in the fall, but also during the winter with a thick sweatshirt underneath and in the spring with a light top. As you can see, the jacket for fall is very versatile.

The old school jacket is also great for autumn, because you are not only dressed warmly, but also very trendy, because the old school jacket is the it-piece that everyone should have this winter.