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Vintage bags complement every outfit

Welcome to our selection of accessories: In this category you will find all the vintage bags that we currently have in stock for you. Can't decide yet? No problem, we add new bags every week. It doesn't matter whether you want the 4you backpack from the 90s, the classic teacher's leather bag or a clutch, bum bag & many more here you will find them, in sustainable and curated by Zeitgeist Vintage.

Vintage bags - there to refine the outfit

No matter what size and what details. The bags are definitely a must: a perfect way to round off your vintage outfit. Tired of the same handbag looks over and over again? We'll solve the problem for you. So that you can carry everything you need with you every day, you can just as easily use a second-hand alternative.

Who you steal the show with has nothing to do with the ultimate size of the bag. The small circle bags are in no way inferior to the oversize models. With their geometric shape, the round shoulder bags give every casual look a modern twist. Extravagant models in animal or with a patent finish, on the other hand, go perfectly with party dresses.

The second-hand bag - not just a fashion statement

Clutches or envelope bags are more like envelope-sized bags. If you want it to be a little larger, you can grab a weekender or tote.bag.

Vintage handbags - something small for going out

The handbags are particularly popular with us, on the one hand because you should prefer leather bags as a second-hand variant to the first-hand variant, on the other hand because there is probably no accessory that can be complemented so effectively with every outfit and can therefore be worn daily if desired. The handbags are also the absolute bestseller in our vintage store and are very popular.

Vintage shoulder bags - something bigger for the week trip

if you want to go on a weekend trip, you need something? A weekender or a similarly sized bag. So that you can find bags like this one quickly, we have created a separate subcategory for vintage shoulder bags .

Vintage fanny packs - streetwear and such

Can it be some streetwear? With the casual styles around the shoulder bag, you can perfectly complement the outfit with jogging pants and vintage hoodies . Whether strapped around the stomach in the classic way or over the shoulder, the vintage fanny pack makes your outfit more urban.

What's next? backpacks

Is there anything cooler than the first Eastpak or 4You in fifth grade? We still carry some of our satchels today - no kidding . Furthermore , there is no more practical accessory . We are currently working on a selection of vintage backpacks for you and look forward to bringing them live soon. There will also be funky models with extra soft shoulder straps and wide straps. Look forward to more vintage bags at Zeitgeist Vintage.

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