vintage skirts

Vintage skirts: sustainable companions for work and leisure

Vintage skirts are arguably one of the first items of clothing we dressed in as humans. Somehow logical that you would rather tie an animal fur than sew pants directly from it.

Today, with the exception of Scottish kilts and a few other exceptions, vintage skirt is represented in women's fashion. The wearer is completely free to choose whether the wool skirt should protect against the cold or whether the summer skirt should wrap around the legs in an airy, light manner. How much leg is shown can also be adjusted via the lengths from maxi, midi to mini. At Zeitgeist Vintage you get every style of the vintage skirts we love.

Vintage rock - hardly any other piece of clothing is so controversial

At that time people were still chafing: "How much shorter can a vintage skirt get?" Thankfully, young, bold women have taken the miniskirt to the extreme , so today we no longer have to ask ourselves that question about vintage skirts. Now it's going in the other direction: "Why such a long skirt, that's conservative." We say. No matter how long, no matter if pleats, pleats or gode, no matter if winter or summer - skirts are among our favorite items of clothing. Because which piece of clothing can do both like a vintage skirt : Cut a great figure in the office in the morning and still be dressed appropriately in the bar in the evening.

Vintage denim skirt - Short and made of denim

A vintage skirt made from denim, the same material as blue jeans. Denim skirts come in a variety of styles and lengths to suit different demographics and occasions. For example, full-length denim skirts are often worn by women whose religious beliefs forbid them to wear trousers , e.g. B. from orthodox Jews, some Muslims, Mennonites and Pentecostals to name a few. Shorter denim skirts are commonly worn by teenagers and young adults.

Pencil skirt - the classic

The classic among vintage skirts: the pencil skirt can be worn either as a separate piece of clothing or as part of a suit. A pencil skirt usually has a slit on the back or, less often, on the sides, as its narrow shape can otherwise restrict the wearer's freedom of movement. Sometimes a box pleat is used instead of a slit, which exposes less skin.

Pencil skirts made from stretchy knits usually don't need slits or pleats. Backseam tights are reminiscent of the classic pencil skirt era of the 1950s. Pencil skirts can also be worn with flat shoes for a casual, youthful look reminiscent of the 1960s. Pencil skirts and loafers are a classic preppy look.

Miniskirt - just a short one, please

Even if the miniskirt has caused a sensation since the 1960s, things have become relatively quiet about the former sex symbol. We are currently seeing the mini skirt lagging behind the longer versions, which is why we also have more maxi and midi skirts in our range.

Maxi skirt - once very long please

The long version of a skirt that we mentioned above. The maxi skirts are ankle-length and of simple elegance.

Midi skirt - Not that long and not too short either

Similar to the maxi skirt, midi skirts were also considered conservative - perhaps because our grandmothers still like to wear them to this day. At the same time, the older ladies never let go of their vintage skirt, and today it's back. The slightly longer than knee-length midi skirt is probably the trend skirt of the last few years.

Pleated skirt - who doesn't know it

Pleats and many of them, the pleated skirt convinces with its very own tiered look that runs vertically through the fabric. While the particular cut is the signature of the skirt, it is not fixed in length.

Balloon skirt - Once a dress like a balloon

The balloon skirt is often cut short and rises towards the hem, which means that this vintage skirt has the ability to conceal the buttocks area. The rounding of the balloon also means that the waist is further accentuated.

Wrap skirt - something good for the silhouette

The wrap skirt is an optical slimmer and scores in every length. It flatters the silhouette, conceals small cushions and looks very distinctive.

A-Line Skirt - Good for every body shape

This skirt sounds complicated, but it is actually the most popular skirt cut ever. With a slight A-line, it adapts to the female body shape and enhances the hourglass effect of the women's waist.

Flounce skirt - something with an extravagant cut

This skirt is characterized by its flared cut. Airy, light fabrics characterize this skirt, which makes it ideal for wearing in summer.

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With which pieces can you stylishly combine your vintage skirt?

A trend this fall is vintage skirts with matching knitwear such as sweaters or cardigans . The often smooth, elegant skirt stands in stark contrast to the thick fabric of the knitwear, both in terms of material and shape. Your look with a skirt can be rounded off with tights and ankle boots.

A similar contrast in style is created in the style of your new outfit, when you combine elegant skirts with loose-fitting vintage t-shirts , we recommend band shirts together with a leather skirt will create a rocking look.

If we look at the right shoes for the skirt of the current season, we quickly come to boots and platform boots. Due to their chunky look, they either contrast with light summer skirts and complement each other magnificently with thick, warm wool skirts .

A sweet summer look with a blouse or a casual vintage top complements any type of skirt, that's no insider tip, but we definitely wanted to remind you of it at this point.

Formal look with a blazer

Conquer the city with an eye-catching city look: Classic pumps or kitten heels with a vintage blazer of the same color and a pop-off color vintage top .

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