vintage rings

Vintage Rings - Old treasures decorate your hand

Vintage jewelry , such as vintage rings, are back in fashion. Young people in particular love to decorate their hands with treasures from days gone by. Let yourself be carried away by the wave of change and order a vintage ring from Zeitgeist Vintage today.

When is a vintage ring a vintage ring?

That depends on how you define vintage, our definition of vintage is a little looser than that of jewelry experts. By our definition, a ring that is around 20 years old is a vintage ring. Since we usually don't know exactly how old a ring is, we estimate the age of the ring.

The word vintage also acts as a synonym for second hand. Most of our rings are in their second life cycle. But because we thought it would be confusing to alternate between writing Vintage Ring and then Second Hand Ring again, we settled on Vintage Ring.

Styles of vintage rings

Vintage rings come in different styles. Whether simply in gold, silver or bronze, maybe even made of silver, gold or bronze or wildly made of colorful plastic - the variety is great.

Gold and silver rings - from simple to glamorous

Rings made of metal or made in their style come in a wide variety of shapes. They are available in subtle and inconspicuous, thin and filigree designs through to eye-catching, magnificent rings that are adorned with stones.

A distinction is made here between rings that are gold and silver-colored and rings that are made of gold and silver. How do you recognize that? At the punches.

The rings, which are made of precious metals, including gold and silver, are given a small stamp, so to speak, from which you can also see the precious metal content. For example, there is the hallmark 333 gold which stands for 33.3% gold content. (1)

Plastic rings - whether simple or colorful

You can find plastic rings in all widths and colors. Both the simple versions in different resin tones and colorful versions are very popular at the moment. Whether in one color or in colorful sprinkles, the plastic rings come in all variations.

Our favourite: Rings with a batik look ! They are perfect for the summer and the festival season, but also a real eye-catcher on colder days as long as you are not wearing gloves.

pearl rings

In addition to plastic rings, rings strung with pearls are also celebrating a real comeback. Whether homemade or bought in the online store, you see them everywhere. If the fiddling is too much for you, you can also buy the rings from us.