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Vintage Dresses Online: How the fashion bastion of women can now buy vintage dresses online

We recently started offering vintage dresses in our online store. So if you are looking for high quality vintage dresses, you have come to the right place.

How do you generally recognize summer apart from the warm temperature? Lots of vintage dresses are back on the streets, being paraded by women and anyone else who wants to wear them. It should be noted that not all vintage dresses are the same as vintage dresses. The influences of the different decades should not be neglected. There are also very different colors, there are numerous cuts and fits that have to be considered when shopping. With Zeitgeist Vintage you will find the perfect vintage dress for every occasion online. Our vintage shop offers everything from elegant dresses from the 60s to eye-catching dresses from the 90s.

Buy vintage dresses online for spring and summer

Vintage Linen Dress - Something delicate please!

The linen dress is the ideal piece for hot summer days. The nature of the natural fiber enables, among other things, the breathable properties of the fabric. In addition, thanks to the cooling effect, this leads to a comfortable fit.

Vintage blouse dress - sweet and elegant please!

The cut of blouse dresses is very reminiscent of blouses . Of course, the characteristic collar and button placket should not be missing. Especially without sleeves, the shirt dress has a distinct vintage character and is reminiscent of popular dresses from the 50s. Thanks to the light fabric, the dress literally flows around its wearer.

Vintage tunic dress - Comfortable and fashionable please!

The tunic dress offers the perfect blend of comfort and fashion. Thanks to the mostly wide cut, it falls loosely and casually and is therefore comfortable to wear. Above all, it impresses with its versatility. On the one hand, thanks to its simplicity, it can be combined in many different ways, but it can also stand alone as an eye-catcher with exciting patterns, cords or embroidery. There is a tunic dress for everyone!

Beach dress - Something for the holidays, please!

The ideal beach dress is airy and light. This piece should not be missing on any summer vacation! Perfect for a quick throw on at the beach - whether it's for a cool breeze or a spontaneous trip to a nearby cafe or restaurant - there's always a use for a beach dress.

An outfit with a dress for the warm days

An airy summer dress radiates a good mood, looks feminine and serves as the centerpiece of your summer outfit. A big trend in summer dresses in 2021 is the beautiful wrap dress. However, the fashionable dress is not a new invention.

Invented by Belgian-American fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg in 1974, the loose-fitting wrap dress will be especially popular in 2021. The casually chic dress allows the owner to quickly put on the summer dress instead of playing with annoying buttons or zippers. It looks elegant and hugs the figure thanks to the loosely falling fabric, but at the same time allows enough air to conceal love handles.

For example, combine the trendy dress with sandals with medium heels. The cut of the dress and the small heel visually stretch your legs and give your look a summery, feminine touch. Wear it with a small clutch and jewellery, e.g. B. Circlet earrings and a sparkling bracelet.

How about a summer scent? Hardly any other scent exudes more summery mood in the truest sense of the word than a floral scent. The summer look that you can wear every day, to dinner or to parties is ready!

Vintage dresses for fall and winter

Vintage knitted dress - something thicker please!

The knitted dress is an ideal choice for the transitional period. It's not freezing outside yet, but isn't it quite warm enough for a short dress? Then the knitted dress is a popular choice, offering the perfect piece to create a casual-chic autumn look. It is extremely fashionable, but also provides enough warmth and coziness.

Vintage sweater dress - a combo between chic and compfy, please!

Are you running late and have nothing to wear? The sweater dress is the perfect solution for this. It can be thrown on quickly, easily combined and also offers enough comfort and warmth.

Vintage leather dress - Something heavy with a statement, please!

The leather dress is the perfect vintage it-piece. Combined correctly, it can cause a stir and sexiness in the wardrobe. It also protects against wind and weather thanks to the robust leather.

Vintage denim dress - one pair of jeans and a dress, please!

The denim dress is also the perfect change artist. Thanks to its timeless look, it can be combined in many ways. The denim fabric is also extremely durable and gives its wearer great pleasure for a particularly long time.

Vintage clothing for colder days

Fall and winter dresses are the perfect way to show off your figure even on the coldest of days , rather than hiding it under heavy wool sweaters. For example, wear a fitted turtleneck dress with tights and over-the-knee boots.

With a fashionable trench coat , you not only underline the elegant ambience of the outfit, but are also well prepared for rain showers. The accessories should not be missing here either. Sparkling earrings draw attention to your face and let you shine. A small shoulder bag completes the look.

But there are also small things to consider when it comes to beauty. Nail polish in dark or earthy tones not only looks elegant, but also exudes the charm of the golden season. So how about a classic nail polish in dark red? In the colder months, he adds the finishing touch to the look with a dress.

Order your vintage dress today at Zeitgeist Vintage

At Zeitgeist Vintage you will find a large selection of different vintage dresses from various historical brands in all sizes - including oversizes. The old, new vintage dresses exist in different colors, cuts and lengths, colors. After your order at Zeitgeist Vintage, we look forward to sending you your vintage clothes.