Vintage denim jackets

Vintage denim jacket - The denim standard since 1853

Vintage denim jackets are back in the wardrobes of the younger generation. 150 years of experience with a product - a certain quality cannot be dismissed out of hand . In fact, that's exactly what we're looking for when we prepare 501s and other Levi's specialties for you. Our absolute classics include - in addition to the pants - the vintage denim jacket . From Wrangler , Lee and other brands, of course, but in this article we will focus on Levis. So what is the background of the vintage denim jacket?

The emergence of vintage denim jackets

Modern jeans appeared in the 1920s - the Levis denim jacket cannot be traced back to the founding of the company in 1853. True to its status as a workwear classic , sales were largely limited to western working people such as cowboys, lumberjacks and railroad workers. Levi's jean pants were most likely introduced in the 1930 's when holidaymakers from the East came home with tales and specimens of the durable studded pants.

Another boost came during World War II, when blue jeans were declared a vital commodity and only sold to people working in defense . In addition, the popular vintage jeans dungarees gradually appeared as protective work clothing, paving the way for jeans as outerwear. We therefore date the emergence of the first mass-market vintage denim jackets to the 1950s.

From the 1950s through the 1980s, Levi's vintage denim jackets became popular with a variety of youth subcultures , including greasers, mods, rockers, and hippies. This meant a further rise of the denim jacket and above all the somewhat worn vintage denim jackets.

To this day, Levis has a reputation for staying true to the old line and not changing the original design since the 1930s. We at Zeitgeist Vintage took a closer look and have to say: This is not the case!

The crotch rivet and waist belt were removed during the war to save metal and were not re-added afterward. In addition, the rivets on the back pocket, which had been covered with denim since 1937, were completely removed in the 1950s because they scratch furniture. After all, the world is no longer as functional as the needs of an American gold miner in the early 20th century.

True to the zeitgeist - changes in vintage denim jackets

What they can now do better is the higher wearing comfort and the adaptation of the vintage denim jackets (Levis) in particular to global climate zones. In addition to classic winter jackets , denim jackets lined with fur have become our bestsellers. Denim jackets with faux fur - to be precise!

We hope you liked this text and whetted your appetite for vintage denim jackets! You can find them in our shop.

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