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Vintage jackets & coats - be stylish, no matter if sun, rain or snow

You can wear vintage jackets and coats from Zeitgeist in a wide variety of weather conditions. Our range of vintage jackets is growing every day. These are washed, ironed, sorted, photographed and described in detail for you - so that you can buy vintage clothing such as vintage jackets and coats with the greatest comfort.

There is probably no piece of clothing that is as diverse as our second-hand jackets! Whether as a companion in everyday life, they not only protect us from wind and weather, but also serve as a fashion statement and often a central part of many everyday looks.

Zeitgeist - the perfect vintage jackets and coats for every occasion

There are jackets in all possible forms - from light transitional jackets to warm winter coats, there is no situation or event where you cannot fall back on a jacket. Of course, such an extensive selection does not exactly provide a particularly good overview. That's why we're presenting the second-hand jackets here, which you can also find in our shop. Here is the first overview:

Second hand and vintage jackets & coats - if they're retro, they're really!

The styles of the 80s and 90s are currently celebrating their comeback in the fashion world. But why buy new jackets with old cuts when you can also have an authentic one? With us you will find a large selection of second hand and vintage jackets from different decades. With the jackets you not only complement your wardrobe, you also do something good for the environment at the same time.

Find the right vintage clothing for every occasion now

At moderate temperatures and for leisure activities, you are always well on your way with one of our transitional jackets. If you like it a little more sporty, you should delve into our selection of college jackets . The American classics are also increasingly in demand in Europe and are definitely a hot tip for the coming spring.

The same applies, of course, to denim jackets as a casual second-hand jacket to put on for mild summer nights. Those who like it a bit "wilder" and more robust will get their money's worth with our leather jackets . The spectrum of this vintage jacket category ranges from classic, simple to Wild West.

But even at low temperatures , we will of course equip you as best we can. In the transition period from summer to winter, of course, a chic coat is also good - how about a trench coat from Burberry , for example?

When it's freezing cold, however, it's better to wear a warm, lined winter jacket . Parkas have been particularly trendy in recent years. Since 2019, however, puffer jackets have been catching up. At the moment, the more voluminous the better - especially with women's jackets.

On very special occasions, one naturally reaches for the blazer , while the beloved vintage jacket tends to stay in the closet. Whether it's for a date in a chic restaurant, for a wedding, for grandparents' milestone birthday or in the business world - if it's more official, you're on the safe side with a blazer.