Vintage Hats & Caps

Zeitgeist now also has hats for women

For a long time we have focused on outerwear and underwear. Now Zeitgeist also has hats for women. Whether sustainable caps, sustainable hats or sustainable hats, we now have them all.

Yesterday's hats for men and women for a better tomorrow

We at Zeitgeist have set ourselves the goal of making the world a little better. By purchasing second-hand clothing, we reduce market demand and thus slow down the environmentally damaging spread of the fast fashion industry.

Although it's not our specialty, we now also offer women's headwear. We know how coveted the treasures of bygone days are in the fashion world and are happy to present our most beautiful vintage caps, vintage hats and vintage hats to you.

Zeitgeist - headgear for men and gentlemen

Hats & Co. are no longer just for women. Men also wear a variety of headgear these days. Whether it's a casual sun hat, a cool cap or a classic winter hat - we offer them all. Have a look around in our shop - maybe you will find one or the other sustainable hat or sustainable caps that you like.

If you don't like all of our headgear, we also have other accessories such as vintage rings , vintage jewelry or vintage hoodies , college jackets or t-shirts .