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The right shirt at the right moment gives the perfect charisma and sets the context for the right attitude towards life, whether formal or casual or . The possible combinations for a second-hand shirt , just like the number of different styles, know no limits.

Shirts - The absolute fashion classic

Shirts have been around for as long as people have worn clothes. But it was a long way to the latest hype about colorful Hawaiian shirts . In the Middle Ages, shirts with interchangeable collars were still worn as undershirts. Shirts have been worn as shirts since the 18th century and were the style-defining piece in men's fashion. In the recent past, people mostly wore business shirts or casual shirts to work or on special occasions. Today, however, there are shirts for every occasion and every mood. The material also plays a very important role. The classic second-hand shirt consists mainly of cotton. Other mixed fabrics can also provide modern cuts and more flexibility due to more elasticity.

Hawaiian Shirts - The comeback of the short-sleeved shirt

Hawaiian shirts were the summer trend of 2020 among second-hand shirts . Whether you see them on the beach or in the city park, the bright colors and floral patterns evoke summer feelings. The warmer it gets, the more buttons are unbuttoned and the look becomes even more relaxed. Especially in warm temperatures, the Hawaiian shirt is particularly comfortable to wear as a traditional short-sleeved shirt made of materials such as silk and linen .

You can't just chop wood in a flannel shirt

Fans of flannel shirts are now more likely to hack at the keyboard than at wood. In the office, these long- sleeved shirts convey a well-groomed, but literally shirt-sleeved appearance, especially when rolled up. They are mostly made of cotton and are very robust. That is why they are also very popular for all kinds of outdoor activities outside of the trendy urban districts.

Denim shirts don't just suit cowboys

Always wanted to be as casual as Lucky Luke? Then you have to be quick and wear a denim shirt . Even though cowboys peaked in popularity in the '90s, the denim shirt has endured to this day. Such second-hand shirts from the 90s are currently celebrating a comeback and, like the flannel shirt , underline a casual look.

From business shirt to lifestyle piece

Shirts can express more than seriousness. A business shirt from Polo Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger is ideal for a good appearance in the office. Even after work, they don't make the wearer look buttoned up and can be combined with relaxed casual looks. Here is an overview of our second hand shirt categories:

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