The second-hand corduroy pants - trendy like never before

Cord has made a comeback in the fashion industry in recent years. Corduroy trousers in particular are once again strongly represented in the trend scene and put one or the other person in a festival mood. We at Zeitgeist are huge corduroy fans and believe that 2022 and corduroys go together like spring and flowers.

Festivals are back and so are corduroy trousers

Due to the corona pandemic, you had to do without festivals and similar events for two years . Now these are finally possible again, but is your wardrobe prepared for the situation?

Second- hand trousers are currently being hyped like no other piece of clothing . That's why you're in the right place in the second-hand scene if you want to pay attention to the clothing trends for 2022 . Second-hand cord trousers are not only a real eye-catcher at festivals, but are also good for other leisure activities or even for work.

Advantages of corduroy pants

The cord trousers have a special and comfortable wearing comfort. In addition, most corduroys are fairly robust and have a casual cut. On top of that, corduroy pants are elastic and can be easily combined with other items of clothing. Therefore they are suitable for every gender as well as every body proportion .

Buying corduroy pants has many advantages:

  • Corduroy trousers are a perfect all-rounder
  • Corduroy trousers are usually of high quality
  • The corduroy trousers have comfortable stretch waistband inserts on the side
  • Corduroy trousers usually have several pockets
  • Corduroy trousers are mostly made of 100% cotton

The origin of corduroy pants

Nowadays it 's hard to imagine before corduroy pants come along. In Germany, the material “cord” and all items of clothing related to cord were unknown until the 18th century. The ancestor of corduroy is called Manchester and as the name implies, Manchester's origins are in Great Britain.

Corduroy pants - from the under layer to the broad masses

Like many items of clothing, corduroy pants were initially heavily represented by the lower class. This was because most people used them as inexpensive work trousers, which at the same time also protected them from the cold if necessary. In the 18th century as well as in the 19th century, corduroy trousers and clothing made of corduroy were increasingly worn in schools in the form of school uniforms.

A little later hikers became aware of the material and so from the beginning of the 19th century the material was increasingly associated with hikers and/or scouts. Paired with a windbreaker or another between -seasons jacket, you are very well prepared for the wilderness with corduroy trousers. There are also shorts that are made of corduroy. This trend developed during World War II , when more and more boys wore short black corduroy trousers.

Corduroy Revival by Punch

Later, around 1970, a new trend was set with the flared corduroy pants . Since about this year, corduroy trousers are no longer just a work or functional piece of clothing, but are also seen by the general public as a leisure item.

What is the best way to combine corduroy pants?

There are many different ways to combine corduroy trousers well. Blouses , preferably a silk blouse, can usually be combined well with corduroy trousers. You should make sure that the corduroy trousers are not outdated in color or the color of the blouse. T-shirts , pullovers , but also fleece jackets , especially those with a striped pattern , go well with corduroy trousers. Corduroy trousers can also be combined well with a simple blazer or a denim jacket .

Corduroy pants and zeitgeist

Many influencers or other creatures of the fashion industry claim that every wardrobe should contain a pair of corduroy pants. So have a look at our online shop. There is a good chance that one of our models will meet your expectations and will soon accompany you to a festival.