Light jackets

Everyone needs them, nobody has them: the light jacket aka between-seasons jacket

We all know the problem when it's slowly getting colder again, we venture out in summer outfits and suddenly freeze to death. The next day it's time for the winter jacket and you're sweating to death.

To shed some light , we give you a few examples of second hand jackets such as:

  • Trench coats
  • denim jacket
  • blazer
  • leather jackets
  • varsity jackets
  • windbreakers

for any occasion.

The stylish transitional jacket: trench coat

One of the most versatile and popular second hand jackets is the trench coat . As a women's transitional jacket, this can be styled particularly well with a long-sleeved T-shirt or blouse. For particularly cold days, the trench coat can also be combined with a knit sweater. Changing your wardrobe from summer to autumn or winter to spring can be confusing, but with the trench coat you are well prepared for every situation!

Formerly for work - today for hipsters

If you want it to be a little more relaxed, we recommend the denim jacket as a second-hand transitional jacket. Denim jackets are perfect for warm spring days and can be combined with almost everything. The first recorded denim jacket was created by Levi Strauss in the United States in about 1880, about ten years after he invented jeans as a new breed of workwear for cowboys, miners, and railroad workers. The "Type III" denim jacket, introduced by Levis Strauss & Co. in 1962, was described by the famous slogan "the denim jacket to rule them all" .

The fashionable transitional jacket: blazer

Especially women's transitional jackets are a challenge! While yesterday you were still wearing a cozy winter coat and today your thoughts are already on spring blouses and tops.

Blazers are the women's go-to between- seasons jackets if you want a chic business look. Since blazers are very airy, you should definitely wear a thicker layer underneath. Turtleneck sweaters are perfect for rounding off the fashionable between-seasons jacket in a business casual look .

The Hollywood star – the leather jacket

In the second half of the 20th century, the leather jacket achieved iconic status - in many ways - and general popularity as it always had a direct connection to Hollywood. In the 1940s and 1950s, such jackets were popularized by numerous stars, such as actor Jimmy Stewart in the film Night Passage. Today, the leather jacket is another jacket that is extremely versatile in the wardrobe. It doesn't matter whether it's a biker look or a chick. Leather jackets are the ideal basis for every transitional outfit. Here it is particularly worth buying second-hand leather jackets , as these are usually very expensive when new.

All in all, second-hand transitional jackets are the ideal pieces of clothing to complete looks and be fashionable. It can be a bit more extravagant, especially in the transitional periods.

Bomber jacket - Between green bomber jacket and red bomber jacket, there is the right color for everyone

You'll be as stylish as ever with our bomber jackets ! These are available in various colors, fits and sizes. Between bomber jacket green and bomber jacket red there is the right color for everyone. Between bomber jacket oversized and fitted you will not only find the right size for you, but also the individually fitting fit!

The bomber jacket is particularly suitable for casual street styles . Combined with jeans, it creates a simplistic look. But the light jacket can also be combined well with a dress or skirt and gives the outfit some substance.

Our favorite color is the bomber jacket in green. This lifts the mood and is perfect for spring, summer and autumn. Because the shades of green can be perfectly combined with your other seasonal pieces.

The classic – college jacket for women and college jacket for men

Even if college or local school or university, whatever, is a little further in the past, the college jacket is and will remain relevant. They are available in an incredible number of variants in terms of color and embroidery.

The college jacket was once the jewel of sports teams at renowned universities and originated there as college jackets for men. Today, everyone wears them, from amateur athletes to couch potatoes. Therefore, the trend was not from men's college jackets to women's college jackets, but to college jackets for everyone. One of the arguments for its popularity is certainly the variety of ways the light jacket can be worn .

Whether with jeans , sweatpants, corduroy trousers or dungarees, the college jacket looks good combined with almost everything. Simply a basic shirt or basic hoodie underneath and no matter what comes, you are prepared for it, or rather dressed appropriately for it.

Vintage Windbreaker - The light jacket for all occasions

A light jacket can also get you further in slightly breezy weather. Maybe even especially then. We all know them, surprising weather changes. Right now everything is still fine and you are busy licking the Calippo and then it happens: It tightens and gets bitterly cold emotionally.

This could be your time to shine from now on: because vintage windbreakers are super easy to pack up just in case . They're light and thin, but sometimes your stylish salvation.

Vintage windbreakers you can find it in all colors. Whether monochromatic or colour-combined, they are unbeatable when it comes to practicality and combinability . Whether with shorts, a dress or jeans , you are always well dressed with the vintage windbreakers .

The top brands for light jackets

If you decide to go for a jeans classic when it comes to light jackets, we warmly recommend the big jeans brands. With Levis , Diesel and Wrangler , you know you're getting quality.

For everything else: go for vintage. Looking for jackets that last? Then you will surely be happy with our vintage pieces. The items were not only processed well during production, we also went through a quality check again.