Basic T-shirt

T Shirt Basic– Best off Basics

Never again without: The Basic T Shirt is the staple piece of vintage clothing. Our basic shirts always work . In spring or at the latest in summer as the sole top.

When it gets colder in autumn and winter, you can wear your new basic t-shirt as an extra warm layer under your nice basic hoodies . In the Zeitgeist online shop and in the Zeitgeist store you will find a wide selection of basic t-shirts . So you're not just basic for everything, you're well equipped .

Basic T-Shirt – What is basic?

Cleverly combined: a basic T-shirt can be anything. Depending on how you style it and integrate it into your outfit. The possibilities are endless. It is precisely the ease with which the basic T-shirt can be combined that makes it what it is, basic.

You can get the basic t-shirts not only in all colors, but also from many brands such as Nike , Fruit of the Loom and many others, in various sizes and for all seasons . They are always at your disposal for all your vintage outfit needs.

Basic T-Shirt Ladies – Basic is versatile

The basic t-shirt offers many possibilities. Whether fitted or as an oversized t-shirt, the basic shirt is the most versatile of your vintage clothing . Whether simple as a shirt , oversized as an alternative to a dress or layered over a turtleneck , a basic t-shirt can be anything.

Basic T-shirt men – the outfit basis

Whether under your college jacket , denim jacket or your favorite windbreaker , the basic t-shirt can be styled with anything. So you can combine all your favorite vintage pieces with your basic t-shirt.

Not only do you have a new piece in your closet, you also have the opportunity to style your wildly patterned pieces. We think: Basic is always a good basis .

Why basic when something special can be done?

Why a basic t-shirt when there are so many nice vintage branded t-shirts , logo shirts and band shirts? Quite simply, so that your nice vintage shirts , blouses and jackets come into their own! Sometimes you have to give vintage parts room to work .

You can do that perfectly with the Basic Pieces. Because regardless of whether it is color block, striped, checked, dotted or flannel, velor or velvet worn on a calm projection surface such as the basic t-shirt, your jewelery will get the attention it deserves. Basic is particularly good at creating effective space.