Smiley's chains and rings

Smiley chain - your colorful accessory for the summer

Zeitgeist has recently added beautiful, colorful accessories such as our Smiley Necklace, our Smiley Ring and our Necklace of Pearls. These necklaces are beautiful and colorful beads that form a real eye-catcher thanks to the smiley beads.

The smiley necklace is pleasantly cool on the skin and thanks to the softly ground pearls

not uncomfortable at all. It is perfect to combine with the Smiley ring.

Due to the many different colors in the smiley necklace, you can really combine them with everything. A cool fit would be the smiley necklace combined with a pink top and ripped jeans .

Smiley ring - the total eye-catcher!

You're probably wondering what's so spectacular about a smiley ring? I can easily answer that question for you! It's the fact that this smiley face ring is so simple yet so cool, it's both elegant and loud.

The smiley ring really manages to take every outfit to another level. Now you only need cool sunglasses and a stylish backpack and you are well equipped in terms of accessories .

At the moment we have this ring in different colors like pink, pink and yellow in the shop. Our smiley necklace is very good for combining, we also have different variations of this in our shop.

How do I actually combine a necklace with pearls and smileys?

The necklace with pearls can be made in many different colors thanks to the many different pearls

combine styles. Whether chic, sporty or casual, you only need the right pieces.

A cool elegant outfit would be a necklace with pearls and a chic skirt . I would then wear an elegant blouse and keep the look simple, so the necklace with pearls becomes the eye-catcher of the look.

If you like to wear a lot of color yourself, the smiley necklace is great here too. It blends in great with the other colors without going under. I hope the smiley chain and the smiley ring convinced you as much as we did!