Black and white - timeless with zeitgeist

Whether in the office, at a wedding or at the next black and white party - the combination of black and white is timeless . It always was, it always will be. This makes it the perfect investment opportunity.

Whether basic or fancy with black and white you can also be stylish with basic colors . The combination has accompanied the fashion world since the beginning on catwalks and the street. With us you will find the pieces pre-sorted in the timeless colors! Whether basic or pattern, you will definitely find something here!

From formal to football – black and white always works

Whether in a blazer , suit trousers and shirt at the champagne reception in front of the opera or adidas sweatpants and hoodie in front of the television at home . At first glance, one thinks, where does this fit together? On the second you notice both go hand in hand in terms of color.

As opposite as the two colors are, the occasions on which you can wear them are just as diverse. Together or separately the black and white may be an iconic duo, but all black and all white are also stylish .

All Black - And yet no dark prospect

You can't be wrong dressed in all black . So maybe yes, but then it has to be a themed event! On all other days, i.e. at least 363 days a year, you can’t go wrong with all black.

Whether in a little black dress, with silk or fishnet tights, with pants and blazer or a white jacket or with an ncen basic hoodie or sweatshirt: black has always been and will certainly be a color that flatters the figure and is easy, really easy to combine is.

All White - Perfect for summer

White is only worn by the bride and black is for funerals. Not quite: White is worn by brides and everyone else outside of weddings and black is worn at funerals, but also in everyday life.

As described, black is a fashion classic and white is great for warm days because it keeps you cool. Preferably made of air-permeable materials such as cotton or linen and you are well equipped for the summer days.