Vintage leather jackets

Vintage leather jackets - hardly any other item of clothing enjoys such a clear opinion from its wearer. Mostly top, sometimes flop, just like the looks that are created with the leather jacket. But what is it about the piece of clothing that cowboys, rockers and many more have made their universal symbol? A brief summary of leather jackets at Zeitgeist Vintage:

Best choice of the season: vintage leather jackets make your autumn look perfect

Like the rockers : vintage leather jackets with the defining rivets have it all. They can be optimally combined with a summer dress underneath, blue or black denim, particularly daring with cowboy boots. Or you can take it easy and wear jeans and a t-shirt .

Hippie Look : At first it seems contrary, but a simple leather jacket can also be combined well with colorful floral motifs such as blouses and summer dresses. The nice thing about the jacket with us? It is guaranteed to be unique. It is important to soften the look slightly, for example with simple trousers and shoes with a floral top and leather jacket.

Bold colors, new look : Have you already established the vintage leather jacket in your wardrobe? With a leather jacket in a bright color you go one better, the red leather jacket from Michael Jackson's Thriller Video is particularly iconic in our memories. As a style tip, we would recommend keeping your leather jacket monochrome or combining monochrome colors so that the style doesn't get too wild.

Conjure up your favorite vintage look? The basics of leather jackets

For figure-hugging! If you are unsure about the fit of your vintage leather jacket, we can give you a tip: leather jackets with lapels can be adapted to your body type. If you have a narrow upper body, you can also wear a wide lapel, which looks particularly casual in combination with an oversized look. with lapels, which are sometimes designed very wide and then narrow. If you are a bit wider, you can emphasize the upper body or, in the case of women, the bust size with a narrow lapel.

Only the original? With a leather jacket in black, brown, etc. with decorative elements such as rivets, but also buckles, zippers, you make a statement in all combinations. If you prefer a soft look, then choose trendy colors like nude tones from pink to brown.

Secondhand leather jackets for every occasion

Of course, the leather jacket is special because of its material, while artificial leather protects the animals because you don't need real skins, instead massive plastics are used for their production. That's why second-hand alternatives to leather jackets, especially real leather but also artificial leather, are a great way to shop sustainably,

In addition to our range in the Vintage Online Shop, you will find great leather jackets in our store.

From fashion rebel to statement piece

Different styles and elements are associated with leather jackets. Think pilot style flight jackets, for example. From the rebels on motorcycles, to pilots in some leather flight jackets, to the cowboys wearing fringed leather jackets, many factions have embraced the jacket for you. The leather jacket always had a touch of freedom with it. If you want to combine this expression of your own in your fashion mix, we recommend this fashion statement. Regardless of the colours, seasons and body types, the vintage leather jacket proves style and is a timeless fashion classic.