The vintage dungarees - nothing says workwear like that

The vintage dungarees have become an absolute bestseller. The reasons for that are obvious.

1. The Zeitgeist - A pair of stylish vintage dungarees, a top or t-shirt and a pair of shoes and you have created a contemporary outfit with minimal effort .

2. The production - Despite the high demand, especially since last autumn, dungarees are not made available to the same extent by firsthanders. This is mainly due to the difficult production, because the straps, but above all the metal hooks to close the trousers, sometimes have to withstand a lot of strain . That doesn't go with the design of modern textiles, which wear out after just a few wears.

3. The workwear classic - workwear is unique due to its small signs of wear and tear.

There is probably a secret fourth reason - we simply have fashion-conscious customers!

The history of vintage dungarees

Where does dungarees actually come from? Before the vintage dungarees became a fashion object, classic dungarees primarily had the function of occupational safety.

The characteristic front bib , which is attached to the actual trousers, gives it its name. Another highlight are the suspenders that run over the shoulders and are attached to the bib. Why does this qualify coveralls as protective clothing? This is due - now it's getting technical - to the DIN EN 510 - a standard that identifies the dungarees for women and men as safe when working with mobile mechanical machines. So the suit celebrated a triumphal procession, especially in industry as workwear .

Jeans dungarees in particular prevailed because of the additional strength of the denim fabric. Of course, we also offer the trousers in other fabrics such as linen or - particularly popular - corduroy dungarees.

We also have dungarees in the following shapes: with long legs for the stylish workwear look made of denim or corduroy. For the warm days : overalls with short legs, particularly relaxed, made of smooth linen. With a low front bib, the vintage dungarees allow a nice T-shirt print or the décolleté to be seen, or again in proper style with a high closure like in the factory. So there is definitely a pair of vintage dungarees for every taste.

We are also pleased how well the pieces are received by you, with no other piece of clothing do we have so many links on social media and can look forward to great moments with the vintage dungarees with you. Do you fancy your own dungarees? Then we look forward to packing and shipping yours today!