Carhartt Vintage

Carhartt is best known for jeans & corduroy products and jackets . In the jeans and cord products category, there are mainly normal pants and dungarees, which continuously inspire loyal consumers of Carhartt.

Here we present the vintage Carhartt pieces that you need in your wardrobe and give you look options along the way so that you also know how to style your vintage Carhartt pieces.

Carhatt Vintage Jeans – a base for every outfit

With the Carhartt Vintage Jeans you have a solid basis for every outfit. The vintage Carhartt jeans not only last a long time, but are also stylish and have always been a good choice. The jeans are not only available in blue, but also in black.

Top Three Vintage Carhartt Jeans Outfits:

  • The classic blue jeans and white t-shirt . With this basic you can't go wrong in everyday life. The best thing is: the look is unisex par excellence. Worn by everyone, loved by everyone, it's the basic outfit that everyone has in their closet. If you don't like the blue jeans that much, you can always swap them out for black jeans and still have a basic outfit that is impressive.
  • jeans and hoodie . The basic outfit for cold days is jeans and a hoodie. Following the same pattern as the White Shirt, less is more here. The outfit also looks great in a monochrome look. Black jeans, black hoodie and you are basically prepared for everything.
  • Jeans but in a fancy way : If the basic outfit is too basic for you, you can of course also combine your somewhat more chic tops with jeans. Whether it's a white shirt or a more unusual blouse, with the right top you can make the jeans, whether blue or black, suitable for going out.

Vintage Carhartt Cord - From trousers, shirts and jackets

Carhartt not only makes nice jeans, but also nice corduroy products! Including not only pants, but also shirts and jackets. Anyone who likes cord might already be familiar with the Carhartt products.

Vintage Carhartt corduroy pants

Carhartt corduroy trousers are a classic for every fall and winter . The cord trousers are not only available in the classic brown, black and green tones, but also in a number of fashionable colors from past seasons .

You can also find the vintage Carhartt corduroy pants in colors like mustard or purple. Finding the pants that match your look can even be color dependent.

Vintage Carhartt dungarees

Just like jeans, Carhartt dungarees are made of corduroy. The good thing about dungarees is that they structure your outfit so that you only have to worry about the things you wear underneath and over it.

Vintage Carhartt corduroy shirts and jackets

There's also vintage Carhartt for the upper half of the body. Corduroy shirts and jackets in particular are notorious and particularly popular here. They keep you warm, especially in autumn and winter, and are suitable for a wide range of cold temperatures!

If corduroy is not warm enough for you, you can also switch to one of the Carhartt winter jackets . They will keep you warm and snuggly, even when the temperature is below zero.