Black Friday 2021

Black Week 2022 – Zeitgeist Vintage is part of it

Black Week is the notorious super sale from the USA and has expanded from retail to online business in recent years. There are hardly any companies that don't take part in Black Week.

Such sale campaigns are (rightly) discussed critically, because selling clothes cheaply does not only have positive aspects. Ultimately, every discount creates an increased incentive to buy a product.

For example, the excessive urge to buy during Black Week can have a negative impact if the products and, above all, the circumstances under which they are produced harm people and the environment.

Why vintage fashion deserves a sale

This is not the case with our second-hand and vintage clothing. The lion's share of the carbon footprint was consumed during production and initial purchase .

At Zeitgeist Vintage, we have made it our mission to give you access to sustainable fashion that is just as gentle as with Firsthand Fashion.

That means inspiring fashion shoots, detailed product views, fast delivery, good customer service and, in the event of a problem, a return . Because all of this is a matter of course for us.

At this point we would like to say thank you to all those who have accompanied us on this journey. Since we are well aware that sustainable consumption is also a question of price , we would like to give Black Week Secondhand & Vintage lovers the opportunity to get to know us at a reasonable price.

To everyone who is already part of the Zeitgeist community, we would like to deliver another favorite piece of clothing to say thank you for the common path and to give something back to you.

What is particularly important to us, also with our Black Friday offers: check our Zeitgeist size recommendation, if in doubt, look at our length specifications again and then make a conscious purchase decision!

Popular brands and categories - cheap in Black week

Of course , our branded products are also cheaper to get hold of at Black Week. We also offer our discount code on brands such as Nike , Levis , Adidas , Champion and many more.

We are also very well positioned in terms of the number of categories. You will find a sufficient number of sweatshirts , hoodies , pullovers , college jackets and much more with us.

In our women's department you will also find categories such as dresses , skirts , blouses and many accessories . The large selection of second-hand and vintage clothes makes the shopping experience at Zeitgeist Vintage unique.

Black Friday FAQ

What promotions are there as part of Black Week at Zeitgeist?

We are starting our sales promotion week for our Vintage Shop with a Light Week starting on November 14, 2022. There will be various sales campaigns for you.

The discounts will not be quite as high as in the actual Black Week. Since we only sell second-hand and vintage clothing and are therefore unique, it can make sense to buy the items from your wish list here so that they are not sold out later.

The actual Black Week starts on November 21, 2022. We start the week with 50% discounts on your favorite categories such as vintage sweatshirts, vintage T-shirts, vintage shirts & vintage trousers, but also specialties such as college jackets, vintage dungarees and jeans.

When will Black Friday 2022 take place?

Black Friday at Zeitgeist Vintage takes place on - as the name suggests - Friday, November 25, 2022 . The sales campaigns around Black Week are not limited to Black Friday, but take place over two weeks.

And when will Cyber ​​Monday 2022 take place?

Like everywhere else, the Cyber ​​Monday campaigns will take place here on Monday, November 28, 2022 . Regardless of Cyber ​​Monday, we are running various sales campaigns over two weeks with Black Week.