Basic hoodies

Basic Hoodies - All Basic All Good

What can make life a lot easier is to have a separate selection of basic hoodies in your closet. Good comfort, easy to combine and available from many brands - that's what distinguishes basic hoodies. At Zeitgeist you will find a good selection of second hand & vintage basic hoodies.

Basic hoodies brands

There are basic hoodies from different brands. The best known brands are Divided , Jack & Jones and FSBN . At Zeitgeist, we have a slightly different definition of basic hoodies than other companies such as Zalando have. For us, a basic hoodie is logo-free, monochromatic and has no conspicuous patterns or stripes. It's simply basic from start to hood.

Men's Basic Hoodie Trendy on the go without much effort

The gentlemen of our time can dress with a basic hoodie without much hesitation. Whether in spring, summer, autumn or winter. Basic hoodies are all-weather companions.


In combination with a fresh windbreaker and vintage Levis , you can easily get through spring with a hoodie. Even the moody April can't bring you into the patrol.


During the day, the basic hoodie is probably used less often in summer, but it looks different when it gets dark. On summer nights you can sit comfortably around the campfire. Basic hoodie, sweatpants , a cool one and stargazing, what better way?


In autumn, transitional jackets, basic hoodies and jeans work together to stand up to wind and weather. If the weather is a bit milder, you can also combine your basic hoodie with a coat and stroll through an avenue with orange-brown leaves.


Most basic hoodies are of good quality and come with some thickness . Therefore you can also wear them very well under a winter jacket in times of cold weather. In addition, the usually somewhat tight-fitting hood allows for extended protection against the cold.