Band Shirts & Sweats

Band Shirts and Band Sweats

Basic is too lame for you? Print generally too imprecise? Then band shirts might be just the thing for you! Maybe a band sweatshirt on colder days? With us you will find a selection of band shirts and band sweatshirts that will surely get you in the mood for a concert .

Band Shirts - Between headphones and concert hall

Whether you're still looking for the right shirt for the concert , have been looking for ages for that one vintage band shirt or simply celebrate the look more than the actual music - we got you!

Sometimes there are real treasures hidden between our selection of band shirts ! According to the motto who seeks shall find, you can click through the store and you might end up exactly where we would like to see you, with your new favorite shirt!

Band Sweatshirts - Cozy on cold days

In winter it is quite fresh even in the nicest band shirt . So that you don't catch a cold or are equipped twice as a fan on the way to the concert, you will also find band sweatshirts in our shop.

The motives vary . But it's worth browsing, and not just for the next concert, because the band sweatshirts are also a good choice on any other day.

The only question that remains is: How do I style band shirts?

As always, we have answers to the important questions that are burning on your soul! So if you are still looking for inspiration for your next concert or festival outfit , you might find it here.

  • Either and that applies to your band sweatshirts as well as band shirts casually with jeans .
  • Or you can wear the oversized tops with tights. If you like it wilder, whether at a concert or in everyday life, you can also combine the shirts with fishnet tights .
  • When it comes to shoes, anything goes, whether sneakers or Docs. The main thing is that you don't dance bubbles in the first row!