Golden bracelets - the vintage jewelry for your summer

Whether at the festival or at the university, golden bracelets are the summer jewelry par excellence . Not only do they fit into every boho outfit that is waiting for a performance at the festival all year round, but they also bring some individuality into each of your everyday outfits.

Finding nice vintage bracelets and vintage jewelery in general, which spice up your outfit in no time at all, can sometimes not be that easy. We have a selection of nice vintage pieces for you to choose from.

The more bracelets the better?

How many of the bangles is the right number depends on how and for what purpose you want to style them. Because there are whole worlds between just enough and too much, depending on the style!

Your boho summer needs golden bangles

If the outfit goes in the direction of boho, hippie or 80s then you are definitely on the best way to your goal with the more, the better . For the extra boho look you can also work with other vintage jewelry .

In this case, rings and hats are the main options. But ribbons that are braided into the hair or worn around the head are also an option to bring some Boho feeling into your outfits , regardless of your bracelets .

Basic outfit – vintage jewellery

If you just want to style a basic outfit a little more individually, then you shouldn't necessarily do it

drown in bracelets, but a bracelet or two never hurt. Here you can also expand the outfit with accessories as an alternative to a lot of bracelets with rings.

The key here is that the accessories like the bangles or rings should enhance the outfit without overloading it. With the basic outfit you create the basis from which the accessories can stand out.

Which bracelet for which outfit?

Now that we've discussed potentially the best number choices, let's move on to the styles of the bangle itself. Which bangle fits your style, or even better, what type of bangle fits your outfit?

It really depends on your personal style which type of bangles can be easily integrated into your look.

Golden Bangles

Bangles made of gold and gold-plated are very suitable for dark tones. If you are often all dressed in black, then you can set a few highlights in your outfit with golden accessories .

Silver vintage jewelry

Bracelets and jewelry in general in the color silver are always well suited to light tones. If, for example, the monochrome all white look is your favorite for the summer, silver jewelry fits in very well with it.

The general rule is: gold is a rather warm tone, silver a rather cold tone . Of course you can wear both, it always depends on what you feel comfortable and good in.

With us you will find a selection of vintage jewelery and bracelets , which may either be an addition to your existing composition or a piece that will become the first part of your collection.