animal prints

Animal print

From a dress with a leo print to t-shirts with a dog and cat print - in the Animal Print category you will find everything an animal lover's heart desires. One or the other part can be found not only in Leo, but also in Zebra, Tiger and co.

Animal print as a pattern

The Leo pattern is as popular as ever . Whether as cycling shorts, leggings or a blouse, you see it everywhere. If you don't like Leo or if that's too mainstream and basic for you, you can try Tiger, Zebra and Girffe. However, sometimes you really have to… hunt down these prints.

Animal print with print

Shirts with animal prints are less rare, but at least as individual. They are available in many different colors as a background and different animals in the foreground.

Often the animal motifs are large portraits of dogs and cats, often puppies and kittens as well . The cuter the better. Oh and the bigger the better of course! Then your animal print shirts will quickly become animal print dresses!

Animal print outfit ideas

Animal print is a great way to add a bit of fun to your outfit. But how can you style it so that it doesn't look too overdone ?

You can create amazing animal print outfits if you follow a few simple rules . First, you should only wear one or two animal print pieces in your outfit. Too much of a good thing can quickly seem silly.

If you're wearing an animal print dress or skirt, pair it with a plain top. A white t-shirt is always a good choice. If you're wearing a pair of animal print shoes, pair them with solid color pants or a skirt.

It's also important that you keep the rest of your outfit simple . If you're wearing an animal print dress, then you should only wear a pair of earrings and a necklace.

If you think you don't have enough courage to go out in animal print then you can still opt for some accessories .