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Your Streets – Your Style

von Marie Reike am Aug 29, 2022 | Lesezeit: 6 mins

The photo exhibition STREET LOVE by photographer Stanley Kroeger shows portraits of artists and musicians. At the interface of photography, music and art, the images with creative people in front of and behind the camera radiate the creativity and individuality that makes the Streets what they are.

Music, street styles and the love of art: These are the inspiration and also the content of the exhibited pictures. They show that the streets from New York to Hamburg are above all one thing, filled with life, people and passion.

For those of you who didn't make it or are particularly fashion savvy, here is an insight into the relationship between streets & style, individuality and fashion, and most importantly the importance of vintage clothing for individual expression through fashion.

Individuality & fashion

A woman with dark hair in braids stands in front of modern skyscrapers. She wears a white puffer jacket and a red skirt.

Credit: Stanley Kroeger | @stanleykroeger

The photos also show how your own style can be an expression of creativity. Even if you neither studied fashion design nor are a tailor. Because creativity is also expressed in our daily presentation, which we perform on the street.

With our style we show who we are. With what we wear, we also say what we like and what we stand for. Our clothing allows conclusions to be drawn about belonging to different subcultural groups and at the same time it sets us apart from others.

And it is precisely this belonging and differentiation that ensures that our outfits are individual products. Not infrequently, they also indicate where we are going, which profession we are pursuing and what we are feeling.

This is what makes clothing what it is: a central aspect of our lives. It gives an insight into the reasons why so many people are interested in clothing, fashion, trends and styles. It also shows why fashion is such a successful industry.

Vintage Clothing & Individuality

The pictures of the STREET LOVE exhibition show not only the artist scene of different genres but also very clearly how creativity is continued in fashion.

The combination of patterns and colors and different materials and the resulting expressiveness of clothing can be studied in these images. They clearly show what a creative approach to fashion looks like. How to transfer creativity to fashion and how to include it in your creative output.

A woman in colorful vintage clothing sits on a bridge.

Credit: Stanley Kroeger | @stanleykroeger

As is so often the case with paint: it's all in the mix. Combining different colors and materials can be approached in different ways. You can go by complementary colors, you can go by color intensity, or you can build up monochromatic looks. You can pick up colors in different parts of an outfit and finish it off at the top and bottom.

Rarity of vintage fashion

Vintage clothing is an opportunity to take advantage of the scope that fashion offers for self-expression. The rare character of vintage fashion reduces the chance that several people will wear the same pieces. And the fewer people wear the same pieces, the more individual the pieces are.

The combination of several vintage pieces results in the increased rarity of the same combination of vintage clothing. It's unlikely enough that someone would be wearing the same vintage blouse as you, but it's pretty much impossible for someone to own the same vintage pants as well.

This means that vintage pieces also have a special and, above all, increased value. The rarity ensures that these become real eye-catchers wherever you go. But rarity always has its value, or in the case of clothing, its price. Of course, the price of vintage clothing varies greatly. If only because of the many different purchase and sales points.

Vintage piece style

A man in patterned clothing stands in front of a trailer. He has a striking neon green cap on.

Credit: Stanley Kroeger | @stanleykroeger

There are vintage pieces from many eras and in many styles. This is because while there is a minimum age for vintage clothing, there is not really a maximum age. With this, more and more styles are being added to the arsenal of vintage clothing. This creates a smorgasbord of patterns, colours, details and materials that are available to you for your own style.

You can combine animal prints with neon colored accessories that were popular, coveted and styled particularly often in the 90s and 2000s.

In addition, many of the things are no longer produced or at least not in the same style. In this case one is then also dependent on the vintage pieces.

The exhibition also shows that fashion is only temporary, trends repeat themselves and what you should wear is above all what you like!

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